Ron Edelson

For restaurateurs, nothing will ever be the same

By RON EDELSON // Before COVID-19, the scene on virtually any night at many of the popular full-service restaurants – be they casual dining, family dining, or fine dining – would surely include fully occupied tables, positioned in such a way as to maximize seating capacity. The bar would be filled with patrons, standing shoulder to shoulder. And for good measure, a multitude would be standing just inside the front door, waiting to be seated….

In ‘Creative’ twist, ‘Zimmerman/Edelson’ is no more

By GREGORY ZELLER // From the Physician, Heal Thyself file comes the strategic communications powerhouse formerly known as Zimmerman/Edelson Inc., henceforth rebranded as ZE Creative Communications. The longstanding Great Neck public relations, public affairs and content-production house – launched in 1988 by co-founders Robert Zimmerman and Ron Edelson and a media/marketing mainstay ever since – flips the switch today on its new brand identity, including a new company name, logo and website. But the focus…

How to refresh a brand, without blowing things up

By DAVID A. CHAUVIN // Just like your wardrobe, your company needs a makeover every now and then. Industry changes, trends come and go, technology evolves. There’s a good chance that what appeared cutting-edge 10 years ago seems hopelessly outdated now. And if your branding, marketing materials or even company name gives an out-of-touch impression, that’s how your customers will think of you – no matter how state-of-the-art your work or products. The trick is…