SUNY Chancellor Kristina Johnson

No. 446: In which octogenarians race, future doctors suit up and the Mouse House roars

  Middle of the road: Welcome to Wednesday, dear readers, as we reach the midpoint of another busy week of socioeconomic innovation. It’s Oct. 16 out there – Boss’s Day in the United States and Canada, when we salute the fair and loveable leaders who sign our checks and keep the ship on course. Alternates: Those less eager to celebrate their supervisory situation might consider World Food Day, or perhaps World Anesthesia Day would help….

No. 445: On masters, laureates and ketchup (with robots and spaceships, too)

  Playoff atmosphere: They’re waving us in, dear readers, as another classic week of autumnal socioeconomic innovation rounds third and speeds toward home. (On the subject of fall classics, with the juggernaut Yankees kicking off yet another American League Championship Series this weekend, consider this argument for a shorter baseball season and longer playoffs.) Equal slice of the pie: It’s Oct. 11 out there, worthy of note for many reasons, including National Coming Out Day…

No. 439: On iron thrones, pepperoni pizzas, pool parties – and best efforts, wasted

  No kidding: You’ve done it again, dear reader – another five-day gauntlet run, another well-earned weekend reached. Well played. It’s Friday, Sept. 20, a good one for the young and the young at heart, marking both National Youth Day in Thailand and Germany’s Universal Children’s Day. Let’s not go there: It’s also Independence Day in South Ossetia, but that’s a whole big thing. Thought for food: And since we dropped the bun and failed…

No. 418: On penguins, jokers, Gotham’s water supply and Caith crusaders

  Keep cool: Baby, it’s hot out there, but don’t sweat it – you’ve reached the end of this sunny first week of Summer 2019. Well done, dear reader. It’s June 28 out there – National Insurance Awareness Day and National Tapioca Day, both real – and Alboin, king of the Italian peninsula’s Lombards until his assassination on this date in 572 A.D., is still dead. Not tomorrow, Tau Day: In livelier news, June 28…

No. 401: Manufacturing optimism, planning to win and crusading in capes – plus, the importance of summer schooling 

  May day! Don’t panic, dear readers – it’s merely the first of May and the midpoint of another busy week of socioeconomic innovation (being Wednesday and all). For the record, with a long (and sometimes dark) history extending back thousands of years, May Day is not all maypoles and pies. Let freedom ring: Here in the 21st Century, May 1 marks Armed Forces Day in Mauritania and Constitution Day in both Argentina and Latvia….