Villanova University

In accounting, a little artificial flavor goes a long way

By GREGORY ZELLER // Not all of artificial intelligence is working to infiltrate national defense systems and annihilate humanity in an apocalyptic firestorm. Some AI just wants to get you a better tax return. That’s the human thinking, at least, as artificial thinking spreads throughout the matrix at New York City-based accounting giant EisnerAmper. The firm has already plugged AI protocols into various corporate offices, and will bring them soon to EisnerAmper’s thriving Syosset satellite….

SBU researcher eyes crowdfunding success factors

By GREGORY ZELLER // The ultimate success of a crowdfunding campaign depends largely – but not exclusively – on the product or service at hand. That’s the main thrust of “Reward-Based Crowdfunding Success: Decomposition of the Project, Product Category, Entrepreneur and Location Effects,” a research paper published in June by Venture Capital, an international journal of entrepreneurial finance. The paper – completed by a quartet of researchers, including lead author Richard Chan, an assistant professor…

For startups seeking capital, the name is no game

By GREGORY ZELLER // What’s in a name? Maybe everything, if you’re a startup in need of early-stage capital. A new study by researchers from Stony Brook University, Drexel University and Villanova University explores the effects of “name fluency” on investors – that is, the familiarity, uniqueness and phonetic influence of a company name, and how venture capitalists tend to react. By exploring “the two ways you can evaluate a name, two kinds of fluency,”…