Teq lands Labdisc distribution deal

Teq, the Huntington-based ed-tech juggernaut, has been named exclusive K-12 distributor in New York and New Jersey of Labdisc, a hand-sized “data logger” produced by Georgia’s Boxlight Corp.

Packed with 15 sensors, the wireless Labdisc acts as a handheld laboratory, integrating many of the technology tools common in today’s classrooms, including tablets and interactive flat panels. The single device replaces more than 20 sensors, communication cables and other pieces of equipment, facilitating hands-on science in any classroom environment.

Labdisc’s sensors are applicable to lessons in biology, chemistry, physics, geography and environmental sciences. For instance, students can use the device to measure weather-related parameters such as temperature, barometric pressure and relative humidity, then use the Labdisc’s “GPS probe” to plot readings over a Google map.

In addition to making science “easy and fun” for elementary, middle and high school students, the Labdisc can be a significant cost-savings for school districts, noted Teq President Chris Hickey.

“It can save schools from needing to invest in dedicated funding for a traditional science laboratory, because it enables any classroom to be turned into a lab,” Hickey said.

In addition to the Labdisc devices themselves, Teq will deliver related professional development and technical support for all Labdisc products.

“We selected Teq as our sole distributor in New York and New Jersey schools because of their superior customer support and professional development for teachers,” Pat Henry, Boxlight’s executive vice president for North America, said in a statement. “Just as Teq is redefining professional development with more convenience and personalization, Labdisc is making it easier for teachers to spend more time teaching and less time on lab prep.”

The Boxlight collaboration caps what has been a busy 2015 for Teq, including new distribution agreements, platform upgrades and additions to its product lines.

In September, Teq was named the exclusive New York provider of Audio Enhancement’s award-winning product line, which includes classroom-based microphones, speakers and other technologies. In August, Teq became the exclusive New York provider of software and hardware for SMART, a Canadian manufacturer of innovative business and education technologies.

That deal marked the latest statewide agreement under an international distribution arrangement Teq and SMART announced in April. That arrangement allows Teq to create new distribution agreements with other SMART reseller partners throughout the United States and Canada, and in May Teq announced a series of reseller partnerships making Teq and SMART products available to schools in Arkansas, Mississippi, Oklahoma, Texas, Indiana, Kentucky, Ohio and parts of Pennsylvania.

In July, Teq announced a foray into school security, launching an “all-in-one mass emergency communications platform” called Spot. The mobile app gives teachers and other school staffers the ability to alert first responders to emergency situations with the touch of a single button.

Labdisc becomes the latest award-winning product in Teq’s stable. In 2012, just a year after its debut, Labdisc won the prestigious Worlddidac Award, presented since 1985 by the Worlddidac Foundation to recognize the best educational resources.