The great disconnect on trust and credibility

By DAN BOWEN // In the B2B marketing world, nothing is more important than trust and credibility. All the website optimization and responsive design in the world means nothing without these two basic human components.

Buyers seek it out in all corners of vendor websites and vendors go to great lengths to convey it. Somewhere in the middle is the undeniable power of content.

Content is often labeled the most important asset to impact the buyer journey, from discovery to vendor selection. Buyers and vendors alike agree that content – including blogs and social media – is critical to the buying process. But how many vendors are successfully using content to connect with buyers? The answer might surprise you.


Dan Bowen: Potential customers crave contact info.

According to a new report, there is a huge disconnect between the content buyers want in their decision making and the actual content vendors supply to buyers on the web. For example, more than a third of respondents said they don’t use blogs at all in the vendor discovery process, and 38 percent said they don’t rely on social media in their buying decisions.

What’s even more fascinating is the sheer number of vendors – more than half – that are overlooking the single greatest factor for building trust and credibility: basic contact information.

More than 90 percent of buyers list it as the magic bullet that influences their buying the most.

What could be simpler than providing a physical address, phone number or means for potential buyers to get in touch with a vendor? Perhaps the better question to ask is: What could be any more significant to a potential buyer searching for reassurance that a vendor is a legitimate operation?

By the way, the second-most important factor in the study for establishing credibility was the About Us page.

Vendor websites featuring miniature bios of individual team members – complete with photos – establish the all-important human side of your brand. Testimonials and case studies can help vendors further establish trust and credibility with potential buyers.

Food for thought.

Bowen is the founder and CEO of Mineola-based web design company Bowen Media. Contact him with questions or comments via