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BluPrint Publishing founder Karin Caro.

All writers have their unique voices – now they can have custom-made multimedia marketing plans, too.

There are several options for scribes looking to self-publish their own Great American Novels. The 20th century vanity press has become the 21st century digital publisher, with on-demand printing services like CreateSpace putting thousands of unpublished works between covers for a modest fee.

But there’s no option quite like BluPrint Publishing, a Bohemia-based on-demand publisher with a full-on marketing pedigree. Founder and CEO Karin Murphy Caro is a veteran of Long Island’s advertising and PR scene, and she’s plugging the full networking power of her stalwart BluChip Marketing into her new publishing venture.

The idea, Caro noted, is to “help writers become authors” – and more than that, to prop up their self-published works on the broadest-possible stage.

“If we can utilize what we have built technology-wise, with our social media and Internet-marketing experience, then the people who have a story to tell can be heard and seen,” Caro told Innovate LI. “There are a lot of great writers out there, but if they don’t have an audience then they won’t be heard.”

So instead of simply printing up unknown opuses, “we want to be the publishing company with the social media presence and the savvy to help authors tell the stories of themselves,” she added, “in addition to the story they’re writing.”

Caro, who officially formed her new LLC in December, is partnering on BluPrint Publishing with Timothy Stead and Joe Crook of Star Communications, a Hauppauge-based integrated marketing solutions provider. Star is handling all the printing, the CEO said, and can do so on-demand – you order three copies, they print three copies – or on a bulk-order basis.

BluChip Publishing is also looking to work with local booksellers – yes, a few still exist – to help promote local authors. While she won’t turn away writers from off Long Island, Caro wants to promote regional scribes first, and old-school retailers like BookHampton (with stores in East Hampton and Southampton) and Huntington’s Book Revue can be an electric connection for rookie writers and regional readers.

“I want our local authors to have their book-signings at these local venues, including hotels and restaurants,” Caro noted. “We should spotlight the success of our community. I’m not knocking a book deal with Penguin, those are great – but we should be able to build up our own community, and we want to do that first.”

Beyond local appearances, it’s BluChip Marketing’s social media presence and “huge online network” that will truly help those authors find their audience, according to Caro.

“They’ll have that marketing extension,” she said. “With other publishers, you write the book and they’ll set up a webpage for you. But if you don’t have a following already, just setting up a page isn’t going to make people come there.

“We’re the megaphone,” Caro added. “We mix in the video and the networking and the things authors aren’t used to when they self-publish.”

That’s certainly the case with BluPrint Publishing’s first book, “Casualties of Divorce,” a nonfiction look at the effects police work has on domestic situations. Written by a retired New York City cop, a current Suffolk County detective and a psychologist, the book isn’t set to hit virtual shelves until July, but it’s already getting a full social media workup.

Caro called “Casualties of Divorce” a “pilot to sort of work things out” while also pointing to seven other books already in the BluPrint Publishing pipeline, all fiction. The plan is to publish them all by the end of the year, making hardcopies available on-demand through Amazon, Barnes and Noble and other online retailers and also producing downloadable digital versions.

The longtime business owner – who used BluChip Marketing’s web-development and social media staff to create BluPrint Publishing, thereby requiring no monetary investment – is even considering penning a memoir or two herself, and putting her own works through the BluPrint Publishing process.

But her primary mission, Caro stressed, is to help Long Island authors connect with Long Island audiences in geographic and technological ways other on-demand publishers simply can’t.

“That’s what BluChip was always built on: creating a platform that gives people a voice,” she said. “We’ll keep our costs competitive with something like CreateSpace, but I want to have a real relationship with these authors, because their success is our success and that’s how we get to ‘be everywhere.’

“Long Island has incredible writers who just don’t know where to start,” Caro added. “So we’re going to help that great writer or great poet with the great story to tell.”

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