254: A strong 4th quarter, a new STREAM center, members-only beer club and 71 Michelin stars

Momofuku Ko - A two star Michelin restaurant.

NOVEMBER ALREADY!?!: Yep, it’s Nov. 1, also known as All Saints Day – a national salute to all the professional parents who double-time it on Oct. 31 to meet deadlines, file reports, run staff meetings, connect with customers, complete inventories and otherwise TCB so they can rush home to take their kids trick-or-treating.

We’d like to tell you to go ahead and kick off early today, but you kind of did that yesterday, didn’t you?

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Private ’Stache: What happens inside the not-so-secret Society for Fine Liquid Provisions? Whatever it is, there will be more of it, with Riverhead’s Moustache Brewing Co. in expansion mode. Innovate’s best beer buddy, Jim McCune, spills the secrets.

American horror story: The average American’s eating habits – aka the “western diet” – is a sure recipe for diabetes, according to NYIT researchers.

Big finish: MSC Industrial wrapped up an impressive FY2017 with a solid fourth quarter.

Look it up: By adding “research” to its science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics mission, We Connect the Dot’s forthcoming Westbury-based STREAM Center will be an educational center like no other, according to founder Laurie Carey.

ICYMI: No more e-cigs in the office, way easier labeling laws for craft-beverage makers and plenty of tasty options at LICA’s Food & Beverage Capital Forum.

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Can soy protein cut your risk of heart disease? The FDA isn’t so sure anymore.  The agency is moving to revoke the 1999 approval of a health claim that soy protein protects against heart problems. It’s opening the issue for public comment this week and then will decide whether to officially knock the claim’s status down to a “qualified health claim,” which requires less evidence.

But they won’t move to Iowa: Kimball Musk’s Square Roots container farming accelerator’s first yearlong field experiment did away with the need for a field entirely, locating its 10 farming containers in a Brooklyn-based parking lot.

Made in the shade: If all goes to plan over the next six years, a project led by Conservation International will become the largest tropical reforestation project in history. 73 million trees will sprout up across what’s known as the “arc of deforestation,” in the Brazilian states of Amazonas, Acre, Pará, Rondônia and throughout the Xingu watershed, restoring 70,000 acres that have been cleared for pastureland to their former forested glory.

One man’s trash is another’s treasure hack: Field Ready, a nonprofit that uses the tools of the maker movement and tech know-how, is trying to create systems where people on islands devastated by recent hurricanes can invent and build their own solutions, without having to wait for assistance.

Do you have what it takes to be the leader in biomedical innovation? Nominate your research institution to participate in STAT Madness, a bracketed competition celebrating the most innovative advances in science and medicine from colleges and universities across the country. May the most innovative submission win!

Along came a spider: Binghamton University scientists have turned to spiders and their super-fine spun silk for ideas about how to make microphones, like those found in hearing aids, with higher sound quality.


+ Trilio Data – a Boston-based provider of OpenStack backup and recovery solutions raised $5 million in Series A funding led by Boston-based .406 Ventures.

+ Farmobile – a Kansas-based farm data company raised $18.1 million in Series B funding led by Anterra Capital, AmTrust Agricultural Insurance Services and existing investors.

+ Wonder Workshop – a US educational robotics maker has raised $41 million in a Series C round joined by Chinese tech giant Tencent Holdings, MindWorks Ventures, and SoftBank Korea.

+ VeriCite – an Indianapolis-based plagiarism detection service received an investment from ed-tech industry veteran Ray Henderson.

+ Solidia Technologies – a New Jersey-based developer of patented cement and concrete systems received an investment from OGCI Climate Investments.


All 71 of them: From the dedicated and food-loving staff at Eater New York – the 2018 Michelin-starred restaurants of New York City, mapped.

And: The FDA has a warning for people who love black licorice.

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Compiled by Marlene McDonnell and Gregory Zeller. Thanks for reading.