Patience is a virtue for new Adelphi language lab

By GREGORY ZELLER // Life will go on after the coronavirus pandemic – at Adelphi University, with unprecedented understanding of human communication. Right on schedule, the university’s new Communication Sciences and Disorders Center for Research opened on March 2 – ribbon-cutting and everything – in Lower Level Linen Hall. The global COVID-19 pandemic, of course, has temporarily closed Adelphi’s Garden City campus, including the new research center. But its six renovated laboratories, plus its Telepractice…

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Chembio eyes comeback with new CEO, new resources

  CHEMBIO DIAGNOSTICS INC. Headquarters: Medford Industry: Healthcare Nasdaq: CEMI Reporting Date: March 12, 2020 Reporting Quarter: 4Q FY2019 Quarter Ended: Dec. 31, 2019 Numbers: Total fourth-quarter revenues ($6.9 million, down 11.8 percent), net product sales ($5.5 million, down 5.9 percent) and license/royalty/R&D/grant revenue ($1.4 million, down 29.4 percent) fell year-over-year, with the company’s quarterly net loss (increasing from $3.2 million in 4Q FY2018 to $3.9 million, or 23 cents per diluted share) following along….

The coronavirus ate our awards show

By GREGORY ZELLER // If you thought banning travel to Europe and suspending the NBA season were big deals, hope you’re sitting down. Yes, the nefarious pandemic that closed Italy, sparked a global toilet paper shortage and broke this little girl’s heart has now done the unthinkable – the 2020 Innovator of the Year Awards show, scheduled for March 24 at the Crest Hollow Country Club in Woodbury, has been canceled. (Or postponed. Or reformatted….

For better cardiac outcomes, they want their MTV

By GREGORY ZELLER // For those who suffer cardiac arrest outside of a hospital setting, the odds are not good – less than 8 percent survive, according to the Feinstein Institutes for Medical Research. To improve their odds once they reach the hospital, researchers at Manhasset’s North Shore University Hospital and the Feinstein Institutes have taken a decidedly backwards step – if not in terms of medical science, certainly in terms of video technology. With…

Team effort pushing Allied Microbiata toward pay dirt

By GREGORY ZELLER // Raymond Sambrotto is knee-deep in toxic waste in Delaware, and pretty happy about it. It’s been nearly three years since Sambrotto and co-founder Frana James launched Allied Microbiata, a now-Stony Brook-based biotech with a taste for environmental remediation, and about four months since the startup engaged its most ambitious field test to date, setting its PCB-eating microorganisms upon thousands of pounds of contaminated soil and sediment at a site in Delaware….

Next-gen lasers cut to the heart of manufacturing

By GREGORY ZELLER // Fire all lasers! But not just for cutting – Stony Brook University is warming up new tech that uses energy beams to both shape materials and alter their molecular states, a next-level manufacturing breakthrough. Welcome to the new Center for Laser Manufacturing, which aims open this fall inside SBU’s long-awaited Innovation and Discovery Center, a state-funded $60 million jewel for Stony Brook’s commercialization crown. Alongside the Center of Excellence in Wireless…

Island firm speeds coronavirus vaccines toward tests

By GREGORY ZELLER // Just weeks after announcing an expanded international collaboration targeting the menacing novel coronavirus, Applied DNA Sciences is preparing to mass-produce four potential vaccines. Leveraging the Stony Brook-based biotech’s unique DNA-manufacturing abilities, Rome, Italy-based Takis Biotech will test potential vaccines against the coronavirus (now going by COVID-19) in laboratory mice, on a large scale. Applied DNA expects delivery of four DNA-based “preclinical vaccine candidates” from Takis this month, and “within weeks” will…