No. 102: Bagel stuffing, top startup cities and thumbs down on $15 pay

Gilbert Godfried at Abe Vigoda's memorial: "We buried this guy 20 times."
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No raise for you: The LIA has decided it’s opposed to Gov. Cuomo’s proposed $15 minimum wage, pointing to a projected loss of 23,400 local jobs and a property tax hike of $54 million, Newsday’s J.T. Madore reports. (Newspaper or Optimum subscription required.)

More passionately put: Empire Center for Public Policy chief E.J. McMahon told a State Senate labor panel that $15 would “disrupt labor markets, reduce job creation, drive up prices and chill the business climate.”

Marginally related: The Empire Center has recently uploaded the entire state payroll. You’re underpaid, Sam.

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Last shot: Empire State Development chief Howard Zemsky will speak in Islip on Feb. 3 at the LIBDC’s first 2016 outing.

Homeward bound: Doran Jones is bringing IT offshoring back to New York shores. (Well, if you consider the Bronx side of the Harlem River waterfront.)

Forget San Fran: The top U.S. cities based on venture capital flow to startups are, 1-2-3, St. Louis, Salt Lake City and Seattle.

Faire thee well: Port Jeff’s Maritime Explorium is organizing its second annual maker faire for Saturday, June 4. Plenty of sponsorships available (including the prized Tesla and Marconi levels) that will get you in front of what is expected to be 3,000+ attendees of all ages. Info here.

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Glass half full: H2M’s Dennis Kelleher, one of the top water guys on Long Island, explains why the Flint disaster could never happen here. Other bad things, yes, but lead contamination, no.

Tops in trauma: Northwell’s Cohen Children’s Medical Center gets an important designation in trauma treatment. The helicopters helped.

ICYMI: Virus-fighting startup Codagenix’s decision to take on Zika is a pretty big deal. Just saying.

More wing chairs: The bad news? JetBlue is squeezing 12 more seats into its Airbus A320s and cutting leg room. The good news? You get a much cooler seatback entertainment console, including a 10-inch high-def screen, more films and access to free Wi-Fi as soon as you board.

A Penn teller: Digital marketing whiz Christopher Penn has a new book called Leading Innovation. Biggest take away: We tend to think that innovation springs from creative, fast-paced situations. In fact, much of it occurs when people are bored or trapped in strategic-focused organizations that shy away from risk-taking.

In other words: Innovative ideas require head space.

This is big: Geographically speaking. 76West, the state’s clean energy competition for the Southern Tier, is now accepting applications for its $20 million purse, which includes individual company awards of up to $1 million a year for four years.

“Think of it as an 8,605-square-mile incubator for your startup,” the program suggests. Apply here before March 15.

Meet you in the lobby: CA Technologies spent $610,000 trying to influence Washington last year, well off its 2011 peak of $1,030,000 and a fraction of the $8,490,000 lobbying effort by Microsoft, according to the Center for Responsive Politics.

On the Internet side of the house, Google-cum-Alphabet led the way with a hefty $16,660,000.

Engineering a staff: Mitch Maiman has nice words for SBU, NYIT and St. Joe’s in a blog piece on finding and retaining engineering talent in Design News. Reader comments also worth a peek.

Pass the Dramamine: Virtual reality, which so far pretty much just gives you vertigo, is apparently the next big thing. Or so Facebook, Google, Microsoft and now Apple believe.

Hole lotta face stuffing: The National Bagel Association – recently founded by the apparently tireless Andrew Hazen – is hosting the first national bagel-eating contest at LaunchPad Huntington, Sunday, Feb. 7, 9 a.m. to noon. Click here to attend or here to register to compete for the $500 prize.

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Speed demons: In 1961, scientists started drilling a hole off the coast of California with hopes of getting a pristine chunk of the Earth’s mantle to study. Initial target depth was 4,265 feet, or about halfway through the planet’s crust.

As of last week: They were at 2,330.

Why? Why? Cats were apparently domesticated twice.

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Compiled by John Kominicki. Thanks for reading.