All’s wellness as Northwell, Canyon Ranch saddle up

Springs eternal: Staying younger longer is the main goal at Canyon Ranch -- and Northwell Health is looking to adopt some of the holistic wellness brand's proven techniques. (Photo: Canyon Ranch)

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, a new strategic alliance is set to educate Northwell Health clinicians on how to care for themselves – the makings of a wellness-outreach effort that could benefit the entire health system, patients included.

Northwell Health this week announced a collaboration with “premier integrative wellness brand” Canyon Ranch designed to fulfill a “common goal” shared by the two “mission-based organizations,” according to the health system: the creation of a health-and-wellness culture, where the best way to treat illness is to avoid it in the first place.

Specifically, a health-and-wellness culture across Greater New York, one market Canyon Ranch has yet to truly penetrate. Headquartered in Arizona, the company operates health spa resorts in Tuscon and in Massachusetts, in addition to a “wellness retreat” in California and day-spa facilities in Las Vegas and aboard multiple luxury cruise ships.

Now, the well-known wellness brand is sailing into Greater New York, via a Northwell Health partnership that will see the New Hyde Park-based health system – New York State’s largest by number of healthcare providers and number of patients – integrate proven Canyon Ranch tools and techniques.

Wall-crawler: Physical activity will be a big part of the Northwell-Canyon Ranch collaboration. (Photo: Canyon Ranch)

Northwell’s self-defined mission: to “achieve optimal wellbeing” within its own ranks, thereby “ensuring opportunities for individuals to live younger longer.”

It all starts by teaching the future teachers. Beginning this year, the alliance will feature “resiliency training” for Northwell Health clinicians – covering lifestyle behaviors, disease prevention and other self-care topics – designed by Canyon Ranch “Wellness Architects.”

Other collaborations between the two “trailblazing brands” will follow, according to Northwell.

The focus at first is on teaching the clinicians to best care for themselves – but the health system’s larger goal, according to Northwell Health President and CEO Michael Dowling, “is to become a wellness organization.”

“Having a healthy organization enhances employee engagement, which results in better patient experiences,” Dowling said Tuesday. “Having Canyon Ranch as a partner strengthens our services and benefits our staff, patients and communities.”

The top-down approach matches Northwell Health’s pattern. The health system has implemented several employee-based health-and-wellness programs in recent years, including healthy-food initiatives and the myWellness platform, an online community designed to promote small, good habits that lead to big health changes.

The expertise of the Wellness Architects and other protocols employed by Canyon Ranch, which in 2019 marks its 40th year in the holistic life-enhancement business, fit nicely into that existing culture, according to Canyon Ranch Chief Executive Susan Docherty.

“We are honored to impart transformative wellness in partnership with … an organization that is equally committed to the wellbeing of their colleagues as we collectively are to our guests and patients,” Docherty said in a statement. “As a trailblazer in integrative wellness for four decades, our affiliation with Northwell Health is testimony to our commitment to continue innovating with trusted experts.”