And don’t come back: AI eyes Northwell readmissions

See you (much) later: Northwell Health providers will soon use an advanced AI system to reduce hospital readmissions and "preventable admissions."

New York State’s largest healthcare provider is hoping a new software solution can drive down hospital readmissions.

New Hyde Park-based Northwell Health announced Tuesday that is will integrate “predictive artificial intelligence software” into its Electronic Medical Records at 15 hospitals – including several on Long Island – in a preemptive attempt to reduce patient readmissions by computing next-level “risk and recommendation outputs.”

The AI solution comes from Georgia-based Jvion Inc., maker of the Cognitive Clinical Success Machine – a computer leveraging “Eigenspace” principles, which calculate possibilities differently than other predictive-analytic or machine-learning models.

Eigenspace digests complex, multidimensional concepts – as varied as quantum physics and consumer behavior – to conjure its predictive models. In Jvion’s machine, it’s tasked with answering “hundreds of questions about a patient’s health without having to create, train and test new models,” according to the company website.

In Northwell Health hospitals, the AI solution “will be used to identify at-risk patients and other metrics that contribute to an individual’s increased risk” of hospital readmission, the health system said Tuesday, with primary focus on the health system’s managed-care population.

High-tech solutions to complex care issues are becoming increasingly common, notes Kristofer Smith, senior vice president of Population Health Management at Northwell Health Solutions, stewards of value-based care programs for the state’s largest healthcare system by numbers of patients and providers.

John Showalter: Bucking trends, improving value-based care.

“Advanced technology is a critical part of our commitment to creating a health system that is the highest value in the country,” Smith said Tuesday. “By incorporating the proven AI delivered by Jvion’s Cognitive Machine, we will extend our ability to deliver quality, safe and cost-effective care.”

Northwell Health and Jvion reached an implementation agreement within the last week. Northwell will now “seamlessly integrate” the Cognitive Clinical Success Machine into Northwell’s EMR systems, the health system said.

By flagging at-risk discharges, assessing clinical drivers and generating highly individualized recommendations, Northwell Health officials hope to quickly influence readmission statistics.

That’s exactly the kind of outcome Jvion envisioned when it created its unique predictive machine, according to Chief Product Officer John Showalter, who noted the Cognitive Clinical Success Machine has already made “significant impacts to various readmission and avoidable-admission programs across the country” – including successful applications at Atlanta’s Grady Memorial Hospital and a distribution deal with nationwide oncology practices.

“Northwell Health is taking the lead in preventing avoidable events and ensuring that care is delivered in the most effective way,” Showalter said in a statement. “Using the power of cognitive machine technology, Northwell Health will be better able to improve patient outcomes and deliver higher quality, more efficient care.”