Applied DNA, Melville startup in doc deal

Riding it out: It's been a down stretch for Applied DNA Sciences, but Chairman and CEO James Hayward sees a quick turnaround coming.

Applied DNA Sciences has its eyes on sensitive government documents and critical legal evidence.

The Stony Brook-based supply-chain, anti-counterfeiting, anti-theft and product-authentication specialist has signed a deal with R&R Partnership Enterprises, a Melville-based provider of forensic evidence-gathering and protection tools.

Robert Saenz: Top results, no questions asked.

Robert Saenz: Top results, no questions asked.

R&R Partnership Enterprises, dba Hold That Scene, provides comprehensive “forensic response kits” for police patrols and fire investigators and basic crime-scene kits for commercial and private use. The company also offers a range of document-authentication services, including its trademarked ProveWrite system.

Financial terms of the two-year Applied DNA Sciences deal were not disclosed. But Applied DNA said it would add its flagship SigNature DNA product to ProveWrite – a wide-ranging system including DNA markers and recovery tools, access to a proprietary database, ultraviolet light detectors, laboratory analyses and even expert courtroom testimony, plus extensive user training to make it all work.

Specifically, Hold That Scene will purchase DNA taggants – plant-based DNA markers – from Applied DNA, which will provide training and other customer support as necessary. The document integrity and authentication system will now be marketed as “ProveWrite Powered by Applied DNA Sciences,” according to an announcement from Applied DNA.

Applied DNA Sciences President and CEO James Hayward said his company was “proud to be working with R&R,” noting the New York Police Department pedigree of the Melville company’s founders. R&R Partnership Enterprises President Robert Saenz and Vice President Robert Bilella both have backgrounds incorporating military, voluntary fire, emergency medical and law enforcement service, including dual stints as NYPD crime-scene detectives.

“They saw the need for better protection and authentication in their line of work,” Hayward noted. “We are glad that our product has met their high standards and will be put to work to help authenticate documents and detect fraud in both the public and private sectors.

“Our SigNature DNA taggants are a valuable asset in helping to protect forensic evidence and sensitive documents.”

R&R Partnership Enterprises, a registered veteran-owned and service-disabled veteran-owned business, intends to market its ProveWrite system and services nationwide as a protector of evidentiary processes, eyes-only government documents, valuable municipal permits and chain-of-custody evidentiary processes.

Saenz, a safety officer in the West Islip Fire Department and U.S. Navy veteran who spent 16 years with the NYPD, said the Applied DNA Sciences agreement would help his 2015 startup offer anti-counterfeiting and document-protection services to private-sector clients and governments on all levels.

“The addition of Applied DNA taggants to our ProWrite system provides unquestionable results,” Saenz said in a statement.

The Hold That Scene partnership keeps the ball rolling for Applied DNA Sciences, which in June announced a multi-year deal with Safesolutions AB, Applied DNA’s Swedish distributor, to install SigNature DNA products in as many as 2,000 Swedish automotive imports per month.

That deal followed a new $2.5 million blanket purchase agreement with the U.S. federal government, which Applied DNA Sciences announced in May.

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