Applied DNA won’t let the bed thugs bite

Sleep tight: Bedding sets sold by global conglomerate GHCL Ltd., including sets sold at U.S. retailers, will be recycle-authenticated by Stony Brook's Applied DNA Sciences.

You’ll sleep better knowing your gorgeous new bedding comes from 100 percent source-verified recycled plastic.

So say global textiles manufacturer GHCL Ltd. and Applied DNA Sciences, the Stony Brook-based biotech that’s infusing its proprietary CertainT platform into the India-based conglomerate’s new Rekoop brand of bedding products.

The CertainT molecular tagging and tracking technology will authenticate recycled plastics being spun into metaphorical gold: GHCL’s Rekoop line of bedsheets, pillowcases and shams, debuting this week at New York Home Fashions Week, a leading home décor and accessories showcase.

The products green-stamped by CertainT will be available online and in brick-and-mortar U.S. retailers “toward the end of 2018,” according to Applied DNA, making Rekoop “the first (domestic) bedding line to feature 100 percent source-verified plastic.”

The tagging and tracking operation will follow eco-friendly Recon Green Gold fibers – provided by GHCL fiber-manufacturing partner Reliance Industries Ltd. – throughout the manufacturing, storage and shipping process. GHCL Home Textiles President and CEO Manu Kapur said Tuesday Applied DNA’s tech “provides customers and brands with the highest level of trust in terms of the authenticity of their products.”

James Hayward: Pick an industry, any industry.

That’s the plan, noted Applied DNA President and CEO James Hayward, who lauded one of the biggest developments since his company signed a multi-year licensing deal with GHCL last summer – and further proof of the multi-industry interest in 21st century product and process authentication.

“Rekoop bedding highlights the interest brands have in offering consumers a verifiable guarantee,” Hayward said. “Momentum with retailers and manufacturers across a variety of textiles is growing.

“We are pleased to see the CertainT platform and trademark now making its way onto retail shelves.”

One of India’s leading home-textiles manufacturers, GHCL reports an annual production capacity of 36 million meters of finished fabric – one of several footprints the well-diversified conglomerate boasts across the chemicals and consumer-products market segments.

Its major corporate partners include Reliance Industries, India’s largest private company (roughly $6.6 billion in annual revenues) and one of its most innovative, with a portfolio spanning hydrocarbon exploration, petroleum refining, petrochemicals, retail and 4G digital services.