BNL’s Cleary headlines inventors’ event

Tech transfer chief Connie Cleary will discuss how BNL collaborates with startup enterprises.

Long Island inventors and entrepreneurs have a golden chance to learn how to partner with Brookhaven National Laboratory.

The Suffolk County Inventors and Entrepreneurs Club’s Sept. 15 meeting is scheduled to feature Connie Cleary, commercialization manager at the Department of Energy’s Upton facility. Cleary is expected to discuss the BNL’s tech-transfer and commercialization processes, as well as the lab’s protocols for collaborating with startup enterprises.

Cleary, a former manager of industry partnership development at Argonne National Laboratory in Illinois, oversees BNL’s extensive portfolio of emerging technologies in the life and physical sciences. She’s responsible for identifying, managing and commercializing innovative technologies involving energy, hardware and software.

Her work at BNL builds on her experiences at Argonne, where she directed a team of licensing executives, among other responsibilities.

Cleary – who earned a bachelor’s degree at the City University of New York’s Baruch College and a DPM at the University of Chicago’s Dr. Scholl School of Podiatric Medicine – was previously associate director of technology transfer at the University of Illinois, where she created licensing strategies for startups and worked closely with venture capitalists.

Featuring guest speakers and roundtable discussions of new inventions and ideas, the monthly meetings of the Inventors and Entrepreneurs Club provide networking opportunities for innovators, investors and others interested in entrepreneurism and commercialization.

Tuesday’s meeting is slated to begin at 7 p.m. in the Media Room of the H. Lee Dennison building in Hauppauge. Admission is free and no registration is required.