CA agrees to acquire Austrian tech firm

All smiles: Automic CEO Todd DeLaughter.

CA Technologies has agreed to acquire an Austrian tech company, giving it access to added cloud software and broader operational reach in Europe.

The deal, for Vienna-based Automic Holding GmbH, is worth about $640 million and is expected to close next month, CA said. Automic has about 600 employees in Europe, North America and Asia.

“Strategically, it accelerates our position with its cloud-enabled platform,” said Ayman Sayed, CA’s president and chief product officer. “Operationally, it expands our reach across Europe.”

“With CA Technologies, we will help organizations further propel their intelligent automation capabilities to the next level,” Automic CEO Todd DeLaughter said in a statement.

Assuming a January close, the deal would add 50 basis points to fiscal 2017 revenue, CA said.