Child health agencies in line for tech funding

The Family Service League, in action here at a fundraiser, is in line for almost $50,000 in technology funding.

Long Island health services that work with children are in line for almost $750,000 to improve thier technology, the state announced.

The one-time funding will be used by providers to purchase technological infrastructure upgrades including electronic health record or billing software, new servers to support database systems, as well as computers, routers and other hardware. The funding can also be used to educate staff on how to operate these new systems. Each selected provider will receive about $50,000.

“This administration is committed to providing the best possible healthcare environment for our state’s children,” Gov. Andrew Cuomo said in announcing the funding. “As we transform and modernize the behavioral healthcare system, this funding will help providers utilize technology to streamline services and continue to improve the lives of young people across the state.”

The money is in addition to $10 million in health information technology upgrades recently announced for non-profit organizations statewide. Additional health information technology awards are expected to be made in the upcoming fiscal year.

Long island agencies receiving the funding are:

· Community Counseling Services of West Nassau
· Family and Children’s Association
· Family Service League Suffolk County
· Hispanic Counseling Center
· Huntington Youth Bureau Youth Development Research Institute
· Long Beach Reach
· Long Island Families Together
· North Shore Child and Family Guidance Association
· Pederson Krag Center
· Peninsula Counseling Center
· South Shore Child Guidance Association
· Southeast Nassau Guidance Center
· St. Christopher-Ottilie
· Tempo Group
· Youth Environmental Services