Dates set for Dowling College auction

Dowling’s Oakdale campus goes under the gavel in March as a bankruptcy court moves to liquidate the real estate holdings of the failed school, which crumbled under $54 million in debt earlier this year.

The bidding date is March 27, with an auction to follow March 31, bankruptcy judge Robert E. Grossman announced. The sale includes the historic 25-acre waterfront estate of W.K. Vanderbilt.

No dates have yet been set for the sale of the college’s larger Shirley campus, which covers 100 acres. The college also owns 32 residential properties and undeveloped land in Oakdale and Mastic.

Interest in the Oakdale tract has been strong, according to Andy Graiser, co-president of A&G Realty Partners, one of two real estate firms hired to sell the properties.