Hauppauge innovator ups its video-surveillance game

Visualizing success: New dash-cam tech is part of the cutting-edge public-safety suite introduced this month by Voxx Advanced Solutions Corp.

Making good on a promise by CEO Pat Lavelle, Voxx International Corp. has unveiled a new line of “innovative public safety products” focused heavily on video surveillance.

In reporting the Hauppauge-based manufacturer and global distributor’s third-quarter FY2018 financial results Jan. 9, Lavelle noted “several new product introductions on the horizon across all of our business segments.” Voxx International quickly followed up, kicking off 2018 with the release of new dashboard-mounted cameras, live-stream surveillance tech and related software suites.

Actually, the new public-safety technologies come from Voxx Advanced Solutions Corp., a wholly owned subsidiary of the Hauppauge parent. In addition to a body camera with 4G LTE and WiFi capabilities, dash and body cams boasting 360-degree range of vision and a fixed-location “ruggedized” live-streaming camera, the expanded line features new “back-end evidence-management software solution” that maximizes the performance of the new products.

In bringing “truly innovative solutions to this important market,” Voxx International and its Advanced Solutions subsidiary take a bold forward step in a marketplace in need of some serious technological upgrades, according to Voxx Advanced Solutions Corp. President Tom Malone.

“Public safety represents a great opportunity for Voxx to leverage its logistics and infrastructure,” Malone noted. “We have no intention of entering this space with ‘me too’ products.

“Rather, each product and back-end solution will introduce new features and technology applications that are sorely needed and will dramatically improve the effectiveness of these products in the field.”

Tom Malone: Walking the Blue Line.

Highlighting the new suite of public safety solutions is the ACCU.C 4G, the company’s streaming 4G wearable body camera. The system “integrates streaming communication into a rugged, portable and reliable design,” Voxx noted – much like the PRO4K, a 360-degree, 4K camera designed to continuously shoot and stream immersive video without interruption via dedicated USB and HDMI connectors.

The PRO4K’s 24/7 capabilities – and sealed metal housing – make it an ideal live-stream security camera, according to Malone.

“The PRO4K’s robust live-streaming capability opens the door to totally unique applications such as 360-degree video surveillance and remote monitoring of any location or event,” the president said.

Voxx International also announced this month that it’s signed a letter of intent with Tennessee-based tech firm Blue Line Innovations LLC, which will become the exclusive, back-end evidence-management provider for the Voxx Advanced Solutions public-safety cameras.

Blue Line Innovations is the creator of FORTIFY, a police-friendly digital evidence-management platform designed by law enforcement professionals to manage the large volumes of data generated by modern policing.

Voxx Advanced Solutions will also be involved in the distribution of Blue Line Innovations’ Warrior 360 Body Camera and Sentinel 360 Dash Camera, deepening the Hauppauge company’s critical relationship with the law-enforcement community, its president noted.

“Nowhere is it more important than in law enforcement for agencies to have the best tools available for the job,” Malone said. “It’s time to level the playing field.”

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