IPS has an apoptosis for destruction, and that’s cool

Apoptosis now: The eon FR laser-blasts your fat cells, and it won't hurt a bit.

Chilling news from Intelligent Product Solutions, which has reshaped a body re-shaper that slices with hot lasers and soothes with cooled air.

That’s the general gist of the eon FR, a “non-contact aesthetic device” that cuts away abdominal fat cells with laser energy while cooling the patient’s target areas with blasts of cold air.

The product, which earned FDA clearance in June, comes from Dominion Aesthetic Technologies, a circa-2016, Florida-based medical-device startup, with help from IPS, the Hauppauge-based subsidiary of Florida’s Forward Industries.

While Dominion Aesthetic provided the tech, including the lasers and the proprietary cooling system, IPS was able to assemble the device with a “Lamborghini meets Apple look,” according to Dominion founder and Chief Executive Officer Janet Campbell.

Janet Campbell: “Gorgeous” work.

“Working with IPS enabled us to realize the gorgeous design that we wanted for this innovative product,” Campbell said. “The clever engineering and design of eon FR’s non-contact body-contouring device makes it visually appealing to physicians and patients, with design and safety elements for patient comfort.”

Among the device’s specs: a powered, articulated arm that can treat six times as much surface area as other body-sculpting devices, according to Dominion Aesthetic, and a “treatment head” that maximizes patient comfort by simultaneously delivering laser energy and super-cooled air.

The result: apoptosis, a.k.a. the destruction of fat cells, with maximum effects achieved in about 12 weeks, via treatments lasting just an hour – with “no post-treatment effects,” according to Campbell.

“The patient can resume all activity immediately,” the CEO told Innovate LI. “The competitors typically require post-treatment massages and gels for the treatment, and (patients) may have restriction of activity after the treatment.”

Designing the non-contact, palliate-as-you-go aesthetic device was challenging – other body sculptors must be attached to the body, usually require icky application gels and invariably deliver those negative side effects.

Arm lasers: eon FR, ready to sculpt.

But with dermatology and plastic surgery practices across the nation clamoring for Dominion Aesthetic’s new tool, it’s clear IPS did its usual next-level job, according to co-founder and President Mitch Maiman.

And in so doing, the longtime Long Island innovator – still plugging away in Hauppauge, after being acquired by Forward Industries in 2018 – strengthened its standing as a go-to design partner for medical-device makers of every size and stripe, Maiman noted.

“We worked with Dominion as a true partner, from design concept and execution to design for manufacturing,” he said.  “This is another example of the innovative design we are applying in the healthcare sector.”