At Janam, breaking the mold (by not breaking)

Tough guys: Janam Technologies' handheld computers and other wireless devices are built for abuse.

Go ahead, drop it onto concrete from as high as 1.2 meters. It can take it.

Behold, the XT100, the latest “rugged touch computer” produced by Woodbury tech firm Janam Technologies, a circa-2005 tech maker that’s kind of the badass 1970s battery commercial of wireless communications – it dares you to knock it off.

At least, Janam’s product line – including mobile computers, smartphones and barcode scanners – is built to take a fall (and all kinds of other worksite abuses) and keep on ticking. And that includes the XT100, which boasts a full arsenal of business-critical features packed into a slim smartphone design that’s “built to survive demanding work environments,” Janam said Thursday.

Breaking bad: And not breaking good, as demonstrated by the XT100.

Among other super-strengths, the XT100 can brush off “repeated” 4-foot falls onto concrete surfaces, according to the company.

The mighty machine has also earned an international IP65 rating, an “ingress protection” grade that defines an object’s sealing effectiveness against foreign bodies such as dirt and moisture.

In this case, the IP65 references a “dust tight” solids rating – indicating complete protection against the ingress of dust – and a “water jets” liquids rating, indicating that water blasted from 12-millimeter hoses, from any direction, would have no effect on the XT100.

The durable device also features a 4.3-inch touchscreen made with Gorilla Glass, a brand of toughened glass developed and manufactured by upstate New York’s Corning Inc.

The XT100’s unparalleled durability provides “reliable performance in every industry,” according to the company, paired with an Android 6 operating system, 4G LTE connectivity and a full suite of Google aps. It’s even stocked with barcode scanning technology by New Jersey’s Honeywell International, front- and rear-facing cameras and both near-field communication and radio-frequency identification reading capabilities.

Harry Lerner: Putting the competition to shame.

The latest addition to Janam’s rugged line of handheld computers, gun-shaped scanners, RFID readers and other industrial-strength devices is a mobile-wireless masterstroke that “embarrasses the competition in terms of power, performance and price advantage,” according to Janam Technologies co-founder and CEO Harry Lerner.

“Whether it’s for a startup, a mom-and-pop shop or a multinational company, Janam is committed to providing the right features at the right price to businesses of all sizes,” Lerner said Thursday. “With its robust feature set, the XT100 unleashes the potential for maximum productivity.”

The official arrival of the XT100 also further solidifies the 13-year-old Woodbury tech firm’s place in the burgeoning rugged-devices market. A recent industry study by analyst Absolute Reports not only projects an industry-wide compound annual growth rate of nearly 6 percent through 2021, but includes Janam Technologies on a key-manufacturers list that also features Honeywell, Panasonic, Caterpillar and Zebra Technologies, among other well-known brands.