Moiety arrives on iOS; Android coming soon

On schedule: The iOS version of highly anticipated scheduling app Moiety debuted this week.

Moiety has arrived.

The scheduling app by Woodbury-based Aeonic Ventures LLC, useful for any social group but designed to be specifically helpful to separated co-parents and their “crews,” officially debuted Wednesday in the Apple Store, following an extended beta run.

Amoiety-logo-2n Android-friendly version should be available for download soon, according to Aeonic Ventures CEO and Moiety inventor Greg Wagner. The app – which aims to reduce scrambled calls and last-minute texts by centralizing group activities, pick-ups and related scheduling details – will first be put through its beta paces on Android-powered devices, Wagner noted.

Upgraded for all iOS 10 devices (at least iOS 9 is required), the Moiety app now downloading free from the Apple Store is a “minimum viable product,” Wagner said, able to create a user group – called a “crew” – and schedule events. Users can create crews manually or by downloading from iPhone contact lists, and the app can schedule and track an unlimited number of events accessible by the entire group.

As programmers put the final touches on the Android version, they’re also preparing to roll out free add-ons to the iOS version “rapid-fire,” Wagner told Innovate LI in September. Additional functions tailored to separated or divorced families include expense trackers, a countdown-to-event clock and a “reporting suite” monitoring divorce-stipulation compliance.

The official launch has been long anticipated by a growing number of beta-testers and social media followers. The coming-soon app has notched over 127,000 “likes” on Facebook over the past year, while Aeonic Ventures launched a Portuguese-speaking website this summer specifically to service Moiety’s legions of Brazilian fans.