The Moiety trailer is no longer coming soon


(Cue cool-sounding voice-over guy.)

In a world where advanced technologies rule …

Where patience is the only thing shorter than attention span …

And humanity’s very economic survival hangs in the balance …

There comes a hero.

Or a clever marketing campaign, at least, cooked up by Greg Wagner, founder of Woodbury-based Aeonic Ventures. Recognizing his target audience’s taste for movie trailers, the innovator has created a cinema-style teaser for his scheduling app, Moiety, a social media sensation coming this June to e-stores near you.

Wagner has been whetting appetites for The Moiety App for months, racking up tens of thousands of Facebook and BlogPress followers and forming pre-product partnerships with international charities.

Now he’s preparing to raise the curtain on the app – designed to simplify complicated family scheduling and budgeting by replacing time-consuming calls and confusing texts with easy swipes and clicks – and the time was right, Wagner said, to release some footage.

“We have a lot of followers, and we’ve been getting a lot of requests from our followers to explain exactly how the app is going to work,” the innovator noted. “I’m not doing press releases anymore – they’re too old school – but people love movie trailers.”

Trailers play into developing social constructs in which “people are reading less and watching more,” Wagner noted, especially when it comes to their digital consumption, advertisements included. The trend puts the traditional movie trailer “on the cutting edge of this space,” he said, since “people love stories, and they especially love short stories.”

“Trailers often pack in a lot of information in a very short period of time,” Wagner added. “You get some of the best parts of the movie, with the music overlay and the visual effects, all in a compressed period of time.”

In its 110 seconds, the Moiety trailer shows the app in action, displaying “how it interconnects with family life,” according to its creator. While it’s applicable to any social group, the app is designed particularly for separated co-parents – built-in tools track finances, time and other data useful to mediators and lawyers – and the trailer makes this clear: Cue cards explain the product’s benefits, spliced between shots of moms and dads and kids and parks and swimming lessons as a stirring score builds in the background.

“It really captures the senses very quickly,” Wagner noted. “Trailers often capture people’s emotions in a very short period of time, that’s what we tried to do.”

By “we,” Wagner means himself – he produced the trailer solo, except for the Moiety logo that appears in the teaser’s opening moments, which he outsourced to New York City-based digital marketing shop Fiverr.

And he did it on a shoestring, incorporating royalty-free video and music from clip-monger iStock and editing with Apple’s iMovie software. The opening scene – which starts 50,000 feet up, drops through the clouds and centers on a city intersection adorned with that Moiety logo – cost $10 total, Wagner noted.

The low-risk gamble is paying early dividends. The trailer registered over 8,000 views in its first 24 hours on Vimeo, thanks largely to a Facebook following that has swelled to 82,000 followers.

Wagner will also use the trailer as part of his investor pitch. He’s so far raised $100,000 from an undisclosed private source – enough to “cover the first phase,” he said – and is looking to raise $3 million total.

He’s also looking to bring on social media and graphic-design interns, anticipating a surge when The Moiety App premiers next month.

“This is going to evolve into a full digital ecosystem,” Wagner said. “It’s still beta-testing and we’re in no rush, but it will be ready to go in June.

“We just wanted to show people how it was going to work,” he added. “And a trailer is better than a PowerPoint.”

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