New parent for veteran Ronkonkoma machinist

Splashdown: Longtime Ronkonkoma maker H&H Technologies and its precision-machining capabilities have landed in the fold of an Ohio-based aerospace-manufacturing conglomerate.

An established Long Island machine shop with three decades of professional output has been acquired by an Ohio-based aerospace manufacturer – but will continue operating in its longtime Colt Court home, albeit under a new flag.

DRT Power Systems LLC, on Ohio-based manufacturer with a number of shops in its national portfolio, has added another in Ronkonkoma-based H&H Technologies, a circa-1990 precision machinist offering a full slate of manufacturing-related services.

Financial terms of the takeover were not disclosed. But DRT Power Systems has acquired all H&H Technologies assets and liabilities, the companies jointly announced Thursday.

And the longtime Long Island manufacturer will be staying put: The new office, the eighth satellite operation managed by DRT Power Systems, will henceforth be known as DRT Power Systems-Ronkonkoma.

Referencing the turnkey Long Island manufacturer’s full slate of services – ranging from computer-numerical-controlled milling and laser cutting to chemical filming to reverse engineering and assembly – DRT Power Systems President John Gallo said the Ohio parent was thrilled to welcome H&H Technologies into the family.

But it’s not only the 28-year-old company’s technical acumen that makes it such a catch, according to Gallo.

“We are extremely excited about the … customer relationships that H&H Technologies brings to DRT,” the president noted. “This acquisition continues DRT’s strategy of becoming a market leader in providing precision aerospace components and value-added services.”

Henry Kleitsch: Proud of H&H Technologies’ accomplishments.

Henry Kleitsch, the H&H Technologies chief executive who founded the Ronkonkoma company in 1990, said the takeover would prove beneficial to H&H’s existing customer base, which includes distributors, end users and other manufacturers in the defense, electronics, aerospace and health industries.

“I am very proud of the history of H&H Technologies and am truly excited in leveraging DRT’s experience, processes and products to enhance the experience of H&H Technologies’ customers,” Kleitsch said in a statement.

DRT Power Systems is a subsidiary of DRT Holdings Inc., a privately held company with 11 total subsidiaries in the fold, focused primarily – though not exclusively – on aerospace manufacturing. From prototype through production, DRT Holdings’ companies combine 21st century technology, engineering and creative thinking on behalf of myriad customers in the defense, marine, space, ground-based power and commercial/general aviation markets.

The Ohio holding company has been busy over the past year, completing other acquisitions and the selloff of certain corporate components. In October 2017, DRT Holdings sold its DRT Medical business unit – a supplier of precision-manufactured medical instruments and orthopedic implants – to a Tennessee-based distributor in another terms-undisclosed deal.

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