No. 131: Connected jackets, human flypaper and playing it safe in Rio

It’s Monday again: A great start to the week everybody and welcome new readers Doug, Gib, Peter, Diana, Andy and Carl. It’s May 23, on which Bonnie & Clyde did their Thelma & Louise, Joltin’ Joe hit three in a row and the Who gave us Tommy.

Jeopardy champ Ken Jennings is 42.

Top of the site: Meet Huntington Station’s American Culture, a personal care products maker that almost answered the siren call. (Sirens, these days, being other states brandishing incentives.)

Money talks: Best Buy and Nordstrom have agreed to increase their use of renewables at the request of the state retirement fund, which owns a combined $50 million of the firms’ stock.

ICYMI: Marc Alessi’s SynchroPET got top grades in a University of Buffalo test; Rechler Equity is big on pharma and New York health insurers are seeking double-digit rate hikes.

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Vital Performance is taking careful sips

ObviPop: A new take on old-school conversation

Ms. Michelle’s cookies now in a Big Box

The perfect roommate app

Connect the Dots launches $1M round

Must attend: LaunchPad Huntington teams with the Workforce Development Institute for a manufacturing meetup, including release of a study on maker-related technology employment and a spirited Kominicki-led panel. May 24 – that’s tomorrow – 1 p.m. onward, free, sponsors and exhibitors welcome, post-panel beverages and music.

Don’t forget: The Incubator Showcase featuring SBU’s 40+ startups, Center of Excellence in Wireless and Information Technology, June 2, 9 a.m. to 3 p.m., info here.

Stuff we’re sponsoring: The Eastern Long Island Mini Maker Faire, June 4, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. at the Maritime Explorium in Port Jefferson, innovation, invention and fun for all ages.

The rest of the summer-sizing Innovate calendar, including LISTnet’s May 25 ribbon cutting, is here.

From our sponsor: The Town of Islip’s Office of Economic Development announces its 6th Annual CEO Summit on June 23rd. Join Town Supervisor Angie Carpenter and Long Island Builder Institute’s Mitch Pally as they introduce several senior executives from Islip who’ll make presentations and give you fresh ideas for your business. This event is free, and light breakfast will be served. Register here!

Attention Uber: The sharing economy is not as big a thing as we thought, a new Pew study suggests.

Doh: The world’s largest solar station caught fire when a misaligned mirror turned the plant into the world’s largest magnifying glass.

How not to die: According to Harvard.

It’s in your jeans: Google and Levi Strauss are working on a connected jacket that lets users – bicyclists, e.g. – adjust music, make calls and get directions by tapping or swiping the sleeve.

Marginally related: Sherlock is a GPS device that fits inside your handlebars and gives you real time tracking of your (stolen) bicycle. Now on Indiegogo.

“Grapes of Wrath” is 806th: If you crowdsourced a list of the best books ever written, where would “Catcher in the Rye” end up? Right behind “Green Eggs and Ham.”

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Autonomous vehicle roundup: A retro-fit self-driving truck kit, Chevy Boltsself-drive San Fran and Uber does the Steel City.

Which is why: What we used to refer to as transportation is now calling itself “mobility.”

Also: Google has patented a flypaper-like adhesive coating for its autonomous vehicles that could “stick” a pedestrian to the hood should the car inadvertently hit one, preventing additional injury.

Except for the lines: Bark & Co. wants to be like Disney for dogs.

Maybe you guys should talk: M&T announced plans to add 115 tech jobs in Western New York. HSBC is eliminating 40 there.

Checking, your pulse:  Fitbit has acquired the “wearable payment assets” of fintech firm Coin.

And finally: Amid Zika virus concerns, Olympic organizers will distribute a record-setting 450,000 condoms to participants, three times as many as the 2012 games in London.

Since you wondered, that’s enough for 84 trysts per athlete. (Hope they’ve been training.)

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Compiled by John Kominicki. Thanks for reading.