No. 151: Big data, Danby passes and what’s wrong with guys on Tinder

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It’s August 8: The PTO issued a patent for the first mechanical home refrigeration device on this day in 1899, ushering in the dawn of leftovers. (But it took them 32 years to add a light.)

Birthdays: Dustin Hoffman, Connie Stevens, Melissa Connolly. And hope you had a good one Resi Cooper.

This was not the plan: Half of the firms that have graduated from the much-ballyhooed Harlem Biospace incubator have left town.

Attention Vladimir: President Obama is poised to elevate the Pentagon’s cyber arm to unified command status, giving it basically the same cred as the military’s combat efforts. The current cyber security unit works under the NSA.

Correction: A Friday newsletter item on Altice’s newly appointed data chief, Paul Haddad, suggested he speaks five languages. He only speaks four. And he says his Italian isn’t that good.

Passing: Former BNL scientist Gordon Danby, co-inventor of high-speed magnetic levitation train travel, has died. He was 86. Nice memorial piece here.

Young wolves sought: SBU is accepting nominations for its 40 Under 40 alum program.

Swiping inferiority: Male Tinder users tend to have low esteem and don’t like their bodies, according to research presented at the annual convention of the American Psychological Association.

Maybe no surprise: The first U.S. gold medal in Rio was for shooting.

Related: What Team USA is wearing down there. (Hint: Some of it requires eight AA batteries.)

This is fine: A meme for a year in which we must all keep calm and carry on.

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Top clicks Friday: Many of you wanted to know what the dog days of summer actually are, followed closely by the bad things Howard Zemsky is willing to endure if only we would stop talking about Start-Up NY job creation. Tops, though, was LISTnet’s 20th annual LISA awards.

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Hurting, obviously: CEOs of major U.S. companies make 275.6 times that of the average worker, the latest data from the Economic Policy Institute shows. That’s down from 376 times as much in 2000.

The armchair economy: Food delivery service Deliveroo raised $275 million last week, while Blacklane, yet another car booking service, hauled in $20 million. Ditto those bucks for GrubMarket, an online organic food platform.

Brewsingly fast: FirstBuild, a “co-creation community” backed by GE Appliances, has launched an Indiegogo campaign for Prisma, a cold-brew coffee machine that uses vacuum infusion to deliver in just 10 minutes, as opposed to the usual 12 hours. The campaign is at $110,000 on a goal of $150K.

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Compiled by John Kominicki. Thanks for reading this far.