No. 247: Real fake news, 3-D bodies and has 43North gone south?

TG it’s F: A happy Friday, everybody. There’s still time to enjoy what’s left of the Harvest Moon. And, of course, Neil Young.

Making copies: Electric photography, now better known as photocopying, was patented by law student Chester Carlson on this day in 1941. His partner, the Haloid Co., later changed its name to Xerox Corp.

And worth noting: “Something,” George Harrison’s first song to rate the A side of a Beatles 45, was released today in 1969. After “Yesterday,” it’s the most-covered Beatles song.

Pedaling her wares: Huntington Station entrepreneur Tianna Meilinger finds success in the most planet-friendly bike bag on two wheels.

Lights, action, lights: Hauppauge-based Intelligent Product Solutions has teamed with an LA-based lighting startup to wirelessly eliminate some of the ups and downs of being a gaffer.

ICYMI: Gov. Cuomo takes a $21 billion swipe at POTUS, plus a couple of big private practices join Northwell.

Buffalo watch: Most of the companies that moved to Buffalo after winning the city’s 43North business plan competition have boogied. Of the 14 out-of-town winners to date, 11 no longer have any employees in Western New York. Many struggled to find investors or hire people in Buffalo; others simply wanted to go home.

The dark side to courting Amazon: New York leads the country in spending on corporate incentive packages of more than $75 million. But a report by Timothy Bartik, a senior economist at Michigan’s W.E. Upjohn Institute for Employment Research, found that New York’s economic development programs are not just the most expensive in the country, but among the least effective.

We’ll leave the desk light on: Business travelers using Airbnb rooms will have the option of grabbing desk space and other amenities at the nearest WeWork facility under a pilot program begun yesterday, Bloomberg reports here.

The Big Three: New Yorkers most love Sour Patch Kids, candy corns and Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, according to an exhaustive, 10-year review of Halloween buying habits by

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Rock legend: A rocking chair owned by John F. Kennedy and gifted by his widow to New York City Mayor Ed Koch, is being sold via an online auction site. Turns out Koch didn’t want the chair and, without telling Jackie, almost immediately gave it to an assistant, who used it in her Queens home until her death in 2013. Her son is trying to cash in. $12,000 at last look.

Body building: Amazon has acquired Body Labs, an NYC-based company creating true-to-life 3D body models to support software applications that show how clothes might fit or pump up photorealistic avatars for gaming, with a deal price tag somewhere north of $50 million.

Healthy news: The proportion of women-led digital health companies is on the rise, according to a new report from Rock Health. The digital health sector has raised $4.7 billion so far this year and in Q3, 16 percent of the 74 companies funded were led by female CEOs, up from 11 percent midyear.

Autopilot: Boeing is betting on self-flying aircraft technology, with plans to acquire Aurora Flight Sciences, which makes autonomous airplanes for clients including U.S. defense agencies.

Good ROI: Milwaukee-based Lakefront Brewery has installed 264 solar panels at its Riverwest warehouse that will be producing approximately 39 percent of all the energy used at the craft beer warehouse. “Our warehouse is basically one, giant refrigerator, and it uses a good amount of energy. To create energy ourselves is conserving resources for everyone else” says owner, Russ Klisch.

Kitchen hacker: A professor in Cornell University’s College of Business food lab has been cooking up fake news.

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Just his imagination: Scholars have found the earliest piece of fiction by Ernest Hemingway, a 14-page diary, full of entries and letters sent to his parents from overseas describing a lovely trip through Ireland and Scotland. That was never taken. Little Papa was 10 at the time.

The pause that refreshes: Seven tips to make the most of workplace breaks. (No. 8: Maybe skip the beer.)

Designer sloshers: Adidas’ limited-edition Oktoberfest shoes are beer- and vomit-resistant and sport the customary toast “Prost” along the side. Prices already going crazy on eBay.

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Sorta related: Fashion’s future may rest on an old technology. From hip design house Dyne to major brands Nike and Patagonia, the use of adhesive is revolutionizing fashion and how clothing of the future will be made. (Or, in the case of the Red Carpet, how things will stay on.)

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Compiled by John Kominicki. Thanks for reading.