No. 259: Ken White gets Debriefed, celebrating the Moon walk’s 50th and Ronkonkoma Hub gets good news

The Cradle of Aviation Museum will feature new exhibits and educational initiatives leading up to the 50th anniversary of the first landing on the moon.

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What a day for debuts: In no particular order, Gordon Lightfoot, Danny DeVito, Rock Hudson, Martin Scorsese, Tom Seaver, RuPaul, Sophie Marceau, Lorne Michaels, Howard Dean, Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio and a host of other names you know officially clocked in on Nov. 17.

So did the Suez Canal, opened this date in 1869 after a decade of construction and twice the construction budget. The investment proved worth it: Stretching 101 miles across Egypt’s Isthmus of Suez, the critical connector between the Atlantic and Indian oceans – and Earth’s longest lock-less canal – remains one of the world’s most heavily traveled shipping lanes.

Employment elevator: It certainly goes up and down, according to the New York State Department of Labor, which reported Thursday that private-sector jobs on Long Island in October increased by 4,100 (0.4 percent) year-over-year, besting the roughly 1.147 million reported in October 2016. But the Island’s private-sector job count decreased month-over-month, with 600 fewer not-seasonally-adjusted jobs in October than September.

According to the Labor Department, only four of LI’s nine private industry sectors gained October jobs between 2016 and 2017: education/health services, leisure/hospitality, financial activities and “other services.” The government sector also showed a modest year-over-year gain of roughly 100 jobs.

 Dung deal: This just in from our German Desk: Trump may dig coal, but automaker BMW prefers to scoop poop.

Automotive News reports this week that BMW AG’s green-electricity ambitions have the global brand dumping the traditional fossil fuel in favor of newer, more organic power sources, including a South African biomass-fueled plant that runs on cow and chicken ordure.

The automaker – on a quest to shift all of its external power purchases to renewables by 2020 – boasts 31 production sites in 14 countries and already derives some 63 percent of its electricity from such diverse sources as wind turbines and methane gas.

Speaking of: 30 Long Island-based manure-management options, courtesy of


Hence, the “hub” part: The Long Island STEM Hub can’t take all the credit for regional efforts to strengthen tomorrow’s high-tech workforce, according to Ken White, manager of Brookhaven National Lab’s Office of Educational Programs, who credits a growing network of Island educators and business leaders. Debrief White here.

Let’s get physical: PPT Management LLC, a Uniondale- and Whitestone-based practice-management agency for physical therapy providers, will build out a new corporate HQ in Melville, thanks to an incentives-laden deal with the Suffolk County IDA.

T-minus 20 months: With the help of an all-star assemblage of former astronauts – including three Long Islanders who soared aboard NASA space shuttles – Garden City’s Cradle of Aviation Museum kicked off a slow-burn countdown to the 50th anniversary of man’s first trip to the moon.

Better late: Denoting significant progress on critical sewer and real estate issues, Tritec Real Estate’s grand Ronkonkoma Hub redevelopment project has finally secured a long-overdue Brookhaven IDA incentives package.


Northwell Health had a pretty big week, Westbury digital-writing distributor FJD & Associates has made a pretty big move into the world of professional caregivers and a top researcher at Mineola’s NYU Winthrop Hospital is contributing to a pretty big diabetes study, thanks to a chunky NIH grant.

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Healthy trends: As the pharmaceuticals, procedures and other breakthroughs that keep us ticking become more commonplace, so do the technologies that make it easier to access healthcare. And with this growth in mind, venture capital investors have been keen to back startups in the space.

TIME to every purpose: Glasses that give sight to the blind, elevators that move beyond up and down, clinics that redefine preventive care and a wrist-band that helps babies get a better start are among the 25 best inventions of 2017.

We hear you knocking: Opportunity isn’t so much tied to geography as life stages, says Ankur Jain, founder of Kairos, and not enough entrepreneurs are solving problems for middle-class people who are struggling to pay off student loans, manage the high cost of living, find jobs that match their skills or thrive in retirement.

Smart retirement move: Mike’s Hammock, a sustainable small home built efficiently with mostly local and recycled materials in Nokomis, FLA., resulted in less than one dumpster of waste for the entire project.

All in the bathymetry: As long as wave-size continues to be measured by height, as opposed to volume, future world records for the “biggest wave ever surfed” will probably come from Nazaré Canyon.


New Year’s resolutions: You know you’re going to make that list to start the New Year off right, so why not get a pad and pencil and jot some things now. Whether you want to eat better or get up earlier or limit your time online, here’s a proven strategy for forming a new habit in five simple (if not always easy) steps.

Do over: What Sean Parker shares with Einstein and the Labradoodle’s inventor. And Philo Farnsworth.

To soothe the savage breast: What music do psychopaths like? More Bieber, less Bach.

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