No. 548: From Albany to the Congo to Mars – and yes, omnipotent aliens do have birthdays

Fiesta: American actor John de Lancie (as alien menace Q, tormenting Capt. Picard with a trumpet on "Star Trek: The Next Generation") turns 72 years old today.


Fear not: Halloween is past, the election is over and not even Friday the 13th can spook you, dear reader, as we wrap up this latest busy workweek and anticipate a chilly autumnal weekend.

For the record, before grumpy old men changed it up, Friday the 13th was a celebration of women and their sexual energy. So, there’s that.

Don’t be hasty: Indian pudding, which goes by many names.

That’s what we heard: On this particular Nov. 13, we mark both World Kindness Day, which is very sweet, and National Start a Rumor Day, which isn’t.

Today is also National Indian Pudding Day (definitely sweet).

Under achieving: A telegraph line connecting Southern England and Northern France – laid across the floor of the English channel by a private submarine company – was activated on Nov. 13, 1851.

Speaking of connecting things under bodies of water, the Holland Tunnel – linking New York and New Jersey beneath the Hudson River – opened to vehicular traffic on this date in 1927.

Watch your language: It was Nov. 13, 1868, when a group of scholars meeting in New York City formed the American Philological Society (now the Society for Classical Studies), dedicated to celebrating the structure and development of languages.

Lighten up: Exploring imperialism, racism and the Congo River, Joseph Conrad’s novella “Heart of Darkness” was first published 118 years ago today.

Are we there yet?: From Mariner 9, on approach in 1971.

Circular logic: NASA’s Mariner 9 spacecraft became the first manmade object to enter orbit of another planet on this date in 1971, when it began circling Mars.

How times have changed: And it was Nov. 13, 1979, when former California governor Ronald Reagan officially launched his candidacy for U.S. President.

In his campaign announcement, the candidate urged Americans to stop thinking of Mexicans and Canadians “as foreigners” and listed his labor union experience as a top qualification.

National treasure: Scottish novelist, poet and travel author Robert Louis Stevenson (1850-1894) – who wrote “Treasure Island,” “The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde” and other beloved classics – would be 170 years old today.

The stand: Talented, intelligent and outspoken, Goldberg turns 65 today.

Also born on this date were American biochemist Edward Doisy (1893-1986), who shared a Nobel Prize (with Danish biochemist Henrik Dam) for isolating Vitamin K; British aerospace engineer Lewis Boddington (1907-1994), who invented the angled aircraft carrier flight deck with British Rear-Admiral Dennis Campbell; British Rear-Admiral Dennis Campbell (1907-2000), who invented the angled aircraft carrier flight deck with British aerospace engineer Lewis Boddington (not a typo); and Emmy-, Grammy-, Tony- and Oscar-winning American actress, comedian, singer and talk-show host Whoopie Goldberg (born Caryn Johnson, 1955).

Happy birthday to Q: And take a bow, John Sherwood de Lancie Jr.! The American actor, writer, director, producer, educator, sailor and comedian – known best as omnipotent anti-villain Q on “Star Trek: The Next Generation” (where he crossed paths with Goldberg’s space-bartender Guinan) – turns 72 today.

Wish the “Next Generation” alumni well at, where we’ve dropped from warp and lowered our shields, so you can beam over story tips and calendar events. Make it so.


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Strengthening the barrier: Mount Sinai-South Nassau Hospital, the Long Island flagship of the New York City-based Mount Sinai Health System, has broken ground on a new $35 million Medical Arts Pavilion in Long Beach.

Projected to open in Spring 2022, the 15,400-square-foot facility will offer barrier island residents direct access to a wide variety of medical specialties and services, with 15 private examination/consultation rooms, four minor-procedure rooms and nine post-care preparation, recovery and “diagnostic-imaging areas” on the drawing board. The latest air-filtration and “touchless” amenities are in play, with specialists in primary care, geriatrics, orthopedics, cardiology and other disciplines slated to be on duty.

The new pavilion doubles down on the $38 million in improvements the Mount Sinai Health System has already made at and around the former Long Beach Medical Center, including creation of the Long Beach Primary Care Center and Long Island’s only freestanding 911-receiving emergency department. “After Superstorm Sandy, we promised to help restore physician services to the barrier island,” said Mount Sinai-South Nassau President and CEO Richard Murphy. “This center will go a long way toward fulfilling that pledge.”

Gotta have art: Supporting artists, and healthcare, when they need it most.

Creative quarantine: A popular Long Island talk-show host and an innovative “experiential” art gallery are teaming up to plug local artworks created during the pandemic.

Donna Drake – creator and host of “The Donna Drake Show,” an inspirational talk show syndicated across the United States and internationally – is partnering with Spotlight at The Paramount, an art gallery/restaurant located inside The Paramount theater in Huntington, to showcase works featured in “Quarantine Art,” a multi-artist exhibit now filling the unique space. Drake will highlight the work during “Betwixt: Thanks 4 U,” a Nov.18-25 “social media awareness campaign” sponsored by the Drake Media Network.

All works displayed at Spotlight – and in “Betwixt,” slated to run on Facebook and Instagram – are available for purchase, with 10 percent of all proceeds donated to Huntington Hospital’s COVID-19 response programs. “We wanted to do our part to show our support for the visual arts,” Drake noted. “Working with Spotlight at The Paramount made that possible. We’re excited to highlight great artists and give back to the local community.”



New plan: With the holidays looming, Albany’s new COVID-19 restrictions are a new complication for struggling restaurants and large families.

Forget what you know: Brainwashing rats to hate tasty foods has helped Stony Brook University scientists better understand how memories are formed.

Innovation in the Age of Coronavirus: Turkeys on wheels, major vaccination trials on Long Island and more – LI’s one-and-only pandemic primer keeps on keeping on.



Promoting entrepreneurism among the disabled – plus a Voices two-fer, covering national voting laws and regional food innovation.



Innovate LI’s inbox overrunneth with inspirational innovations from all North American corners. This week’s brightest out-of-towners:

From Minnesota: Minneapolis-based sales/order platform purveyor Aleran Software launches new product turning PDF catalogs into ecommerce websites.

From Maine: Portland-based online instructor Walch Education announces one-click integration between its proprietary Curriculum Engine and Google Classroom.

From Virginia: Arlington-based “human-focused engagement platform” Higher Logic unveils new tool for driving virtual-event engagement.



Stanfort Perry

+ Stanfort Perry has been installed as chairman of the Albany-based New York State Industries for the Disabled. He is the executive director of Brookville-based AHRC of Nassau.

+ John Doyle has joined Holtsville-based CCi Voice as vice president of marketing and communications. He previously served as director of technology for a large home-remodeling company.

+ Elisabetta Coschignano has joined Uniondale-based Sahn Ward Coschignano as a partner concentrating in commercial and real estate litigation.

+ Louis Bonadonna has been named assistant superintendent of special education and student support services for the Northport-East Northport Union Free School District. He previously served as director of special education for the Connetquot School District.

+ Glori Engel has been appointed assistant superintendent for curriculum and instruction for the Freeport School District. She previously served as director of English language arts for grades K-12.



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