No. 87: Pharma grows, Foye goes and why men eat more when they’re around women

TGIF: A good Friday, everyone and a special welcome to new readers. Microsoft Windows 1.0 was released on this day in 1985. Joe Walsh has made it to 68.

Go West, young brain: Graduates from elite schools are much more likely to move to California, Washington and Oregon than any other spots in the nation, according to a report out yesterday from fin-tech site Earnest.

According to the data, 23 percent of people who graduated from a top 25 school off the Left Coast headed west within five years of graduating. Overall, 11 percent of all recent U.S. graduates made the trek within five years of framing their diploma.

Also, 81 percent of grads from top 25 schools on the West Coast stayed put, and the number jumps to 88 percent when you add in schools below the top 25 ranking.

Good news for New York: The second most prominent migration of recent graduates is from the South to the Northeast, with 43 percent of graduates from top schools in the South heading thisaway.

Be-pitched: Molloy College’s annual Shark Tank competition this week included 14 entrepreneurs from local colleges and high schools, with at least three, by my count, ready to present to real investors.

Javelina Julian won the top prize of $500 for her fashion wearable, a designer sleeve that holds a smartphone and credit card and tucks safely into your boot top, but there were plenty with more technical chops.

No space here for all, but kudos to Philip Mando of Elephant Time, William Messina and Kirsten Lomacchio of Kick Stick, Bobby Lenahan’s IV Hero, Jacqueline Bassey of Find My Flock and Evan Sum with Art Ave. And watch out for Nando Lituma and Brendan Cox of Juice+.

Also, a tip of the hat to Mike Russo for putting the whole thing together. Good job.

At right now: The Suffolk IDA is helping a pair of pharma companies expand in Hauppauge, Pat Foye has had enough, Debbi Honorof has a road show, Traverse finally got its patent, and Soteria Technologies cansave your life for under $100.

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Buffalo watch: SolarCity announced a $100 million investment by Silver Lake Kraftwerk, plus smaller stakes from founder Elon Musk and CEO Lyndon Rive, as the company battles cash flow problems and a slumping stock price in the face of a sunset on federal subsidies.

This should help: New York state is spending $750 million to build and equip a 1.2 million-square-foot SolarCity factory in South Buffalo, which the company will essentially lease for free.

Water babies: MIT spinout Cambrian Innovation has raised $30 million to install its EcoVolt water scrubbing system, which it plans to market via leases like those driving the residential solar market. The technology uses bio-engineered microbes that munch the contaminants in wastewater and belch out methane that can be used to produce heat or electricity.

The cleaned water isn’t potable – it can be used for industrial or agricultural purposes – but it reduces the strain on wastewater treatment facilities. And, of course, customers get the free power. First two installs: A pair of California breweries.

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Attention Kickstarter: Facebook released a new fundraising tool this week, so far for use by non-profits.

Holding steady: The Tax Foundation unveiled its annual ranking of business-friendly places this week, with New York clinging to its lead over the Garden State. New Jersey was 50th, we came in at 49. (Wyoming was No. 1 again.)

Stuff we’re going to: Nassau County inventors and entrepreneurs gathering, Monday, Nov. 23, 7 p.m., Nassau County headquarters in Mineola, Kominicki presents, free but please register.

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Also: ACIT salutes local tech entrepreneurs, Dec. 9, 11:30 a.m. 2 p.m., Crest Hollow Country Club, Andrew Hazen keynotes, honoring ADDAPT, Astoria Bank, Teq, Cold Spring Harbor Lab and Innovator of the Year winner Steven Patrikis, $160 for nonmembers. Reach out to Bonnie Seider at

Double Ubered: The MTA is losing $10 million a year from the rise of car-hailing services, not only from reduced ridership but because black cars do not collect an MTA-supporting 50-cent surcharge.

Welcome aboard: Crain’s has launched business news platforms in nine new markets: Atlanta, Boston, Dallas, Houston, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Silicon Valley and Washington D.C. The new brands feature smart email newsletters that customize content based on reader preferences and engagement.

Hearting NY: Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced a $50 million increase in tourism advertising this week, noting that the state’s previous ad investments have increased tourist-related spending by $8 billion.

Possibly related: The announcement came on the heels of an ISIS “we’re coming” video showing scenes of Times Square.

Gift registry: The Stony Brook University foundation took in more than $71 million in donations in the past year from almost 25,000 donors, including 25 in the $500,000+ category. (Thanks, Hawkeye.) The report, including a list of anyone who ponied up $1,000 or more, is here.

Fantastic voyage: MIT researchers have developed an ingestible sensor that can measure heart and lung activity from within the body.

Obvious downside: You have to swallow a new one every day or so.

Call it 1.5: Westbury’s Vasomedical was named to Deloitte’s 500 fastest-growing technology firms, sliding in at No. 495 with 113 percent growth. CPXi, an ad-delivery platform founded by Hofstra grad Mike Seiman, was 485th, with 118 percent growth.

(Though based in NYC, Seiman donates $100K a year for his alma mater’s biz-plan competition and deserves the shout out.)

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For the tech-savvy gal in your life: Tech Crunch lines up 11 suitable gifts. (Tory Burch for Fitbit is especially appealing.)

You gonna eat that, honey? A Cornell University study suggests men eat significantly more when they’re with a woman, including 93 percent more pizza.

Bird’s the word: A fascinating history of flipping what the Romans called the digitus impudicus.

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Compiled by John Kominicki. Thanks for reading.