Northwell experts update brain cancer biotechnology

Think on it: Advances in brain cancer biotechnology are highlighted in a new paper by Northwell Health experts.

A Northwell Health inner circle with deep biotechnology roots has issued a “comprehensive update” of breakthroughs in brain tumor research.

The roadmap of next-generation advances in the difficult war against brain cancers comes from physicians at New York City’s Lenox Hill Hospital, by way of the Donald and Barbara Zucker School of Medicine at Hofstra/Northwell and the Feinstein Institutes for Medical Research, famed bioscience hub.

The team on Thursday announced a paper – a culmination of recent neuro-oncology research and emerging therapies – published in the peer-reviewed Clinical Neurology and Neurosurgery Journal.

The anthology of novel technologies ranges from immunotherapy to precision medicine and largely covers breakthroughs sprouting from Lenox Hill Hospital’s 2019 Brain Tumor Biotechnology Summit – and positively reinforces the importance of innovative collaborations between biotechnologists, cancer specialists and investors, according to John Boockvar, the vice-chairman of Lenox Hill Hospital’s Department of Neurosurgery who led a dozen total authors on “Update on Glioma Biotechnology.”

John Boockvar: Star of page and screen.

The June 2019 Brain Tumor Biotech Summit was built specifically to unite pharmaceutical industry leaders and researchers with “emerging therapies for brain tumors,” noted Boockvar, co-director of the Feinstein Institutes’ Brain Tumor Biotech Center and featured player in the Netflix medical documentary “Lenox Hill.”

“With our published work, my colleagues and I have provided an update … of innovative intraoperative techniques and technologies,” Boockvar said Thursday, with cutting-edge sciences like receptor targeting and intra-arterial drug delivery setting the pace.

The report specifically emphasizes progress in brain tumor biotechnology – no surprise, considering its source material – with new information on therapies, updated results and other detailed information on new and ongoing clinical trials.

“Dr. Boockvar established an interdisciplinary effort to ignite progress in brain tumor research,” Feinstein Institutes President and CEO Kevin Tracey, renowned bioelectronics pioneer, said in a statement. “This review highlights the potential for collaborative strategies, offering hope new therapies may be on the horizon for patients with glioblastoma multiforme.”