Printing partnership takes Applied DNA global, again

Fine print: Applied DNA is adding its molecular markers to product-labeling printers and inks manufactured by global packaging giant Videojet Technologies.

Diversity-driven Stony Brook biotech Applied DNA Sciences has added yet another vertical market to its rapidly expanding collection: laser printers.

And not just printers and inks but third parties that use them to tag their products, packaging and supply-chain components, all available through a new “strategic partnership” between Applied DNA and Videojet Technologies.

Under the guidance of an all-star business-development team, the biotech – which specializes in can’t-be-copied, can’t-be-broken DNA-based security and authentication platforms – has been busily building a diverse collection of customers, including international plastics, cotton and leather manufacturers, the Department of Defense and European automobile importers, among others.

Now add Videojet Technologies, a major international score for Applied DNA. Videojet – with offices in Russia, Austria and Norway and U.S. operations based in Illinois – is an international product-identification leader, providing in-line printing, coding and product-marking services to pharmaceutical and industrial manufacturers around the globe.

Known for its continuous inkjet, thermal inkjet, laser marking, case coding and labeling technologies, the international conglomerate boasts more than 345,000 installed printers worldwide – with Videojet Technologies output added to more than 10 billion products daily, according to company projections.

Applied DNA and Videojet Technologies have collaborated in the design of special inks containing Applied DNA’s SigNature markers and a printer that only works with the cobranded inks – essentially sprinkling Applied DNA’s patented DNA-based security genius into Videojet’s existing wares.

James Hayward: Opportunity abounds.

The biotech’s products will strengthen Videojet Technologies’ performance across that diverse commercial ecosystem, according to Fred Susi, Videojet’s vice president of business and product planning.

“Applied DNA’s SigNature molecular tags and CertainT platform complement Videojet’s marking and coding solutions, allowing us to offer a new secure ink option,” Susi said in a statement, adding the Applied DNA tech “adds to our robust portfolio of brand protection and industrial track-and-trace offerings that are used across many commercial industries.”

The partnership is designed to enable brands that use inkjet printing to forensically tag products and packaging in ways that ensure authenticity both during and after production – not only tracking finished products through commercial channels but tracing supply lines to guarantee authenticity claims like “organic,” or geography-based claims.

The initial rollout of the cobranded 1860 Printer involves an “aerospace-approved ink,” Applied DNA said, a durable toner already used by U.S. military and aerospace manufacturers – as well as food, tobacco, baby and personal-care product distributors – as a “unique identifier tag.” Qualification testing was completed under the company’s Rapid Innovation Fund contract with the Office of the Secretary of Defense.

Applied DNA and Videojet Technologies were scheduled to officially introduce the new printer and ink Tuesday at Pack Expo 2017, a packaging-industry extravaganza held this week in Las Vegas.

Applied DNA President and CEO James Hayward noted the big-fish opportunities provided by the national conference and his company’s latest high-profile partnership.

“This is a significant opportunity to increase the universe of SigNature-tagged items, increase our market share and broadly secure the supply chains of complex commercial ecosystems through the use of our CertainT platform,” Hayward said Tuesday. “We are very excited to team with Videojet to bring this combined solution to market.”