With ‘smart safe,’ IPS locks up another prestigious win

Load and lock: The iKeyp Personal Smart Safe can store anything that fits, but it's especially useful for protecting prescription meds.

One of Long Island’s leading product-design firms has added another prestigious award to its bulging trophy case.

Hauppauge-based Intelligent Product Solutions has earned another International A’ Design Award, granted by the A’ Design Award & Competition organization to promote professional designers and other global innovators.

IPS and Solo Technology Holdings – an Internet of Things specialist based in Westchester County – announced Thursday that they’ve earned an International A’ Design Award in the competition’s Security and Surveillance Product Design category for the iKeyp Personal Smart Safe.

The safe, which was first introduced more than two years ago, features smartphone-enabled sensors that remotely alert users if the digital keypad has been used (correctly or incorrectly), if the door has been left open or if other security-related protocols have been triggered.

Mitch Danzig: IPS saved the day.

Noting that in-house design teams had struggled with factors such as the battery-draining realities of WiFi connectivity, Solo Technology Holdings President and COO Mitch Danzig credited IPS with both the ultimate success of the iKeyp Personal Smart Safe and the A’ Design Award.

“IPS helped us overcome many design challenges,” Danzig said in a statement. “The STH team [and] IPS also were able to bring our patented no-tool installation idea to life by designing an adaptable mechanism allowing for easy-yet-secure installation anywhere in seconds.”

The honor marks an impressive second A’ Design Award this year for IPS, which maintains offices in Hauppauge and Minneapolis and in January become a subsidiary of Florida-based global designer/distributor Forward Industries. The product-design specialist was honored earlier this month by the A’ Design Award & Competition for its contributions to a remote well sensor designed and deployed by international nonprofit charity: water.

Intelligent Product Solutions President Mitch Maiman said his company was thrilled to be “part of the team addressing this important problem,” referring to the theft and abuse of prescription medications – a main vertical market for the safety-minded iKeyp safe.

“We pride ourselves in delivering best-in-class product design,” Maiman said Thursday. “This award further validates our success and leadership in development of smart connected devices.”

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