Suffolk IDA backs an old friend in Hauppauge

Gotta be Flexible: The Suffolk County Industrial Development Agency is backing Hauppauge tech consultancy Flexible Business Systems, once again.

A Hauppauge-based tech consultancy will expand its global headquarters and business operations, with the help of the Suffolk County Industrial Development Agency.

The IDA on Thursday granted preliminary approval to a transaction that will help Flexible Business Systems, which provides professional IT and cybersecurity support for client companies without indigenous IT departments, purchase and renovate a 40,000-square-foot-facility on Motor Parkway.

Terms of the incentives package were not disclosed, but the expansion effort amounts to a $5.7 million investment overall – and will lead to 15 new full-time Flexible Business Systems jobs over the next two years, according to the IDA.

This is the second time that the circa-1984 tech firm, launched by Stony Brook University graduates Seth Belous and Joe Saggio, has received Suffolk IDA support. The company qualified for an IDA benefits package in 2013 – a good investment for the agency, according to Executive Director Tony Catapano, noting it “enabled [Flexible Business Systems] to mature into the successful company it currently is” and helped to put it “again in a position for expansion.”

“The IDA was able to put together an incentive package allowing the company to continue expanding its operations in Suffolk County, home of the business for more than 30 years,” Catapano said in a statement. “The preliminary approval of this transaction gives Flexible Business Systems the financial wherewithal to keep its operation on Long Island and make the investments needed to grow its business and employee base.”

The graduates: Belous and Saggio, thinking big in 1983.

Self-billed as the “largest provider of managed IT services on Long Island,” the consultancy offers a wide array of IT support, computer products, digital marketing, cybersecurity and compliance protocols, among other IT-related services.

With the IDA’s help, it plans to to keep its existing 20,000-square-foot facility while installing new equipment, furniture and software in the 40,000-square-foot addition.

Saggio, the cofounder and senior partner, said the expansion is part of Flexible Business Systems’ efforts to attract new clients, while maintaining its Long Island legacy.

“The IDA’s previous assistance was instrumental in Flexible’s current success,” Saggio said Thursday. “Today’s approval will allow us to keep up with demand and continue to expand on Long Island, neither of which would be possible without the IDA’s support.

“The IDA has really been a catalyst for our ongoing growth.”

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