Survey: The tech fields have women issues

Investor and survey author Trae Vassallo.

A new – and still running – survey of women in technology fields finds that 60 percent have experienced unwanted sexual advances on the job, while others report demeaning behavior from superiors or being excluded from important social or networking events.

Only 39 percent said they ever reported the inappropriate behavior, fearing professional repercussions.

The survey – The Elephant in the Valley – included more than 200 women who have held technology jobs for at least 10 years, largely in the Bay Area. A fourth of the respondents hold C-suite jobs, about 10 percent are founders and 11 percent work in venture capital.

The survey is the work of investor Trae Vassallo and co-author Michele Madansky and it continues to collect data and personal stories.

Respondents most complained about unconscious bias, with 88 percent saying they have watched a client or co-worker ask a male colleague a question that should have been addressed to them. More than 80 percent said that they’ve dealt with demeaning comments at work.

Almost 85 percent of respondents said they have been told they were “too ambitious,” and nearly half said they had been asked to take notes, order food or perform other menial tasks their male colleagues were not asked to do.