Charge Ready NY

No. 359: Happy Thanksgiving! And Hanukkah! And E=mc² Day! (Plus, digging in with SBU and NYIT)

  Gobble it up: Welcome to Wednesday, dear reader, and not just any Wednesday but the eve of the only four-day weekend sanctioned annually by U.S. business, commercial and government interests. That makes tomorrow Thanksgiving, of course, and an early one at that (the 22nd, in fact, is the earliest date the fourth Thursday of the month can happen). Words to the wise: As the big day looms, two pieces of unsolicited advice – tonight…

No. 341: Farming out east, divesting at Applied DNA and skipping the most important meal of the day (plus … Super Lawyers!)

Middle ground: Welcome to Wednesday, friends, and the midpoint of another busy workweek on beautiful Long Island. It’s Sept. 19 out there – Day 730 of the bitter Brangelina divorce proceedings, which kicked off when Angelina Jolie filed for divorce from Brad Pitt two years ago today. Stay tuned. Shofar, so good: It started at sundown Tuesday and lasts through sundown today, when they’ll be blowing the ceremonial ram’s horn at synagogues around the world….