James Knaus

Extended beta complete, meet Bettr for iOS

By GREGORY ZELLER // Bettr late than never. Originally scheduled to go live in December, Bettr – the social media-management app invented by Hofstra University chums James Knaus and Ashish Pandhi – has finally made its iOS debut. At least, its public debut: The free-download app that went live Tuesday in the iTunes Store has actually been in play for over a month, an extended invitation-only beta test that helped the creators make Bettr better….

Bettr founders Asish Pandhi and James Knaus.

Bettr, above ground and rising

By GREGORY ZELLER // It’s not an after-school project anymore. When we last left James Knaus and Ashish Pandhi in April, the enterprising Hofstra University students were working in Pandhi’s parents’ Hicksville basement, developing a family of social media-management apps that could track and control multiple user accounts – fun for the casual Tumblr user and a potentially enormous advantage for commercial interests. Already, their precursor apps – Queue+, which allows users to schedule posts…

Bettr founders Asish Pandhi and James Knaus.

Ashish Pandhi and James Knaus have a Bettr idea

By GREGORY ZELLER // Even Ashish Pandhi and James Knaus know it can’t be this easy. That’s why the entrepreneurs continue to tinker tirelessly on the functionality and marketing of Bettr, a social media-management platform that aims to “give people a voice and make a difference in the world,” according to Knaus. Bettr won’t officially launch until this fall, but the precursors to the final product, Queue+ and Archive Poster, have achieved enough success that the…