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NYCB rises above pandemic with ‘impressive’ 2Q

  NEW YORK COMMUNITY BANCORP INC. Headquarters: Westbury Industry: Finance NYSE: NYCB Reporting Date: July 29, 2020 Reporting Quarter: 2Q FY2020 Quarter Ended: June 30, 2020  Numbers: Net income for the second quarter was reported as $105.3 million, an 8.3 percent rise above the $97.2 million reported for the same quarter last fiscal year. Total quarterly revenues (up 10.1 percent, to $281.2 million) and net income available to shareholders (up 9 percent, to $97.1 million)…

No. 342: Bill Murray ages, IDAs erupt, China conquers the world and cider rules (and cider donuts, mmmm…)

The end is nigh: And so’s the beginning, as another workweek sets and a well-earned weekend dawns. Congratulations, friends, you made it. It’s Friday, Sept. 21, and a busy one at that – the International Day of Peace (established in 1981 by a unanimous U.N. resolution), Independence Day in Armenia, Belize and Malta and the last full day of Summer 2018, with the sun crossing the Earth’s equator into the Southern Hemisphere at 9:54 p.m….

No. 267: On good fellows, spoon benders, Octomoms and trends to come

Welcome, dear readers: And over the year’s penultimate hump we go. Just five more days until Christmas and 11 until tumultuous 2017 runs its course. Boy, have you earned a holiday. The Innovate LI team will be catching up on baking, last-minute shopping and gift-wrapping, so watch for our next newsletter on Dec. 27. We hope you enjoy a peaceful, safe and joyous weekend! Before there was Octomom: When Nadya Suleman famously gave birth to…