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Pods? Grande pumpkin things? Not cool, beans

By AMBROSE CLANCY // I have become what I feared I would become. A coffee snob. Not that person at Starbucks ordering a grande macchiato pumpkin spice with dark chocolate shavings – please – but the one who can’t drink bad coffee. My friend, bon vivant Jim Murray of Dublin and Brussels, lives by the code of refusing things on the basis of LITS (Life Is Too Short). For him, it applies mostly to mediocre…

With synthetic opioids lurking, DNA detector scores

By GREGORY ZELLER // With synthetic opioids increasingly implicated in the alarming number of drug-overdose deaths plaguing the nation, a stalwart Long Island biotech’s DNA-based tracking technology has received a major endorsement. The peer-reviewed scientific journal PLOS ONE has published a paper by Stony Brook-based Applied DNA Sciences on the molecular tagging of pharmaceuticals – a next-gen supply-chain authenticator that Applied DNA considers unforgeable, inescapable and particularly useful in a world where counterfeit drugs are…

Northwell, Mayo Clinic tackle painkiller epidemic

By GREGORY ZELLER // Northwell Health will join the Mayo Clinic and one of the nation’s largest medical schools on a three-year study targeting painkiller addictions. Citing “a growing epidemic of opioid abuse,” the New Hyde Park-based health system announced this week a $350,000 stipend over three years from the nonprofit Washington-based Patient Centered Outcome Research Institute to fund a collaborative study designed to track painkiller dependency among ER patients, and ultimately lower the risk….