PR and the pandemic: charting a challenging course

By DAVID CHAUVIN // CNN had the results of the Florida Democratic Primary as its top story for maybe 10 minutes – results that would seem to have effectively ended the historic presidential campaign of the once-transcendent Bernie Sanders and solidified Joe Biden as the Democratic nominee. Nary a blip in our public consciousness. And just one of the astonishing changes crystalizing what coronavirus has done to the national conversation. All news is now COVID-19,…

The coronavirus ate our awards show

By GREGORY ZELLER // If you thought banning travel to Europe and suspending the NBA season were big deals, hope you’re sitting down. Yes, the nefarious pandemic that closed Italy, sparked a global toilet paper shortage and broke this little girl’s heart has now done the unthinkable – the 2020 Innovator of the Year Awards show, scheduled for March 24 at the Crest Hollow Country Club in Woodbury, has been canceled. (Or postponed. Or reformatted….

No. 262: Mission is a go, Topspin buys some spin … and climate change in New Jersey?

TGI December: Let’s not mince words – this week was a slog, after the stuffed-belly, four-day respite of the Thanksgiving holiday. But Friday is upon us again, as is December, which in addition to the holidays you know boasts National Pie Day (today), World Human Rights Day (Dec. 10) and, believe it or not, Monkey Day (Dec. 14), which as of 2000 is actually a thing. Please use this information responsibly. And tell us about…