Reed Phillips

With clever new focus, hope floats at Energystics

By GREGORY ZELLER // In the movies, the hero routinely saves the world in a single bound – but in real life, getting there often requires many smaller steps. Such is the lesson learned by innovator Reed Phillips and his Stony Brook-based startup Energystics Ltd., which has always favored the slow-and-steady route but is now laser-focusing on a particular vertical that Phillips hopes will prove a gateway to much bigger things, and that right quick….

Patents, possibilities piling up at Energystics

By GREGORY ZELLER // Don’t call Reed Phillips a patent collector. Yes, he and his Stony Brook-based startup Energystics Ltd. – specifically, its trademarked Vibristor technology – are earning U.S. patents at an impressive clip: six to date, including an October nod from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office covering the distinctive oscillating motions of magnets inside a proprietary wave-energy harvesting device. And yeah, the entrepreneurial inventor is expecting two more pending patents to be…

Reed Phillips is digging those good vibrations

By GREGORY ZELLER // Renewable energy is boundless and everywhere – the ocean, the cars zooming by on the highway, even the mom pushing a baby stroller through the park all create “vibrational energy,” enough to power everything from a smartphone to an entire city. The trick is harvesting it and efficiently converting it into electricity, which is not as easy as it sounds. The first patents for wave-energy devices date back to the late…