Productivity is the name of the game for APICS NYC/LI

By GREGORY ZELLER // They’ll manage just fine, thank you, at the New York City/Long Island chapter of the Association for Supply Chain Management – even if that’s not its name. By any name, the chapter is among Greater New York’s most innovative and active experts on supply-chain management and certification – networking, specially tailored instruction, all manners of workplace-optimization resources and more. But while it operates under the ASCM banner, the New York City/Long…

No. 362: Sound investments, manufacturing machinations and lots to ThINC about for LI scientists

  Welcome to Wednesday: You’re halfway home, dear reader, as we plow through another busy week of socioeconomic innovation on Long Island and around the world. It’s Dec. 5 out there, 20 days until Santa does his thing and 252 years since the very first Christie’s auction (auction house founder James Christie held his first sale in London on this date in 1766). He was Santa before Santa was cool: Speaking of Jolly Old St….

Microscopic imaging for any science? You better ThINC

By GREGORY ZELLER // Stony Brook University is living large at one of the smallest ideas it ever had. If you’re a multinational fragrance company based on Long Island, or a marine scientist studying trace elements in North Shore shellfish populations, or a civil engineer trying to mitigate South Shore coastal erosion in an era of climate change-charged superstorms, you’re likely familiar with SBU’s Thermonuclear & Imaging Nanoscale Characterization Laboratory. Others probably don’t give ThINC…