For agriculture’s sake, NYIT is getting its sensors dirty

By GREGORY ZELLER // New methods for analyzing soil – a big potential boost for agricultural efficiency – may be coming soon from the New York Institute of Technology. Researchers at NYIT’s College of Engineering and Computing Sciences have snagged a $300,000 National Science Foundation grant supporting their development of new technologies comprising an in-ground, real-time soil-nutrient sensing system (with accompanying flying robots). Their goal: to sample soil and dig deep into its chemical composition,…

Mobile ticketing, nicer stations, connectivity

Mobile ticketing may soon make travel on the Long Island Rail Road a little easier. Included in Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s proposed $8 billion MTA makeover – the eighth proposal in his statewide, $50 billion-plus Christmas in January tour – is quicker incorporation of mobile ticketing payment methods across the MTA system, including the LIRR. Cuomo’s plan: Introduce mobile ticketing to LIRR passengers within six months, with the railroad fully mobilized by the end of 2016….