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No. 468: Adelphi’s Truth, ULC’s deep thoughts, and why there’s cake in NSUH’s Don Monti Unit

  Onward and upward: Welcome to Wednesday, eager entrepreneurs and intrepid innovators, and the midpoint of this latest wintry workweek. Pet peeves: It’s Jan. 22 out there – National Answer Your Cat’s Questions Day, which is real but requires a catastrophic loneliness we (thankfully) cannot fathom. Unfortunately, the best alternative we could find is National Blonde Brownie Day, which is, you know, meh … kinda like blonde brownies. Agree to disagree: It’s also the 47th…

Albany bags plastics, as single-use sacks get the sack

By GREGORY ZELLER // It tolls for thee, plastic bags. Governor Andrew Cuomo rang the death knell Monday for single-use plastic bags in New York State – outlawed as of next March, even for holdouts content to spend a nickel per bag at the supermarket checkout. No more, as of March 2020, when the single-use sacks – which “do not degrade and often wind up as litter on lands and in waters,” according to the…

No. 341: Farming out east, divesting at Applied DNA and skipping the most important meal of the day (plus … Super Lawyers!)

Middle ground: Welcome to Wednesday, friends, and the midpoint of another busy workweek on beautiful Long Island. It’s Sept. 19 out there – Day 730 of the bitter Brangelina divorce proceedings, which kicked off when Angelina Jolie filed for divorce from Brad Pitt two years ago today. Stay tuned. Shofar, so good: It started at sundown Tuesday and lasts through sundown today, when they’ll be blowing the ceremonial ram’s horn at synagogues around the world….