Tickets, please: Tough techie Janam taps new vertical

Giant leaps, small tech: Woodbury's innovative Janam Technologies is off to a fast start in the New Year.

The innovation machine keeps on cranking at Janam Technologies, which has bulked up its rough-and-tumble line of worksite tablets and punched in with a “next-generation contactless ticketing technology.”

The ticketing tech, officially introduced Wednesday by the Woodbury-based mobile-gear manufacturer, is the first product in Janam’s new Guardian line of access-control solutions – a “tap-and-go” digital identifier that moves fans, passengers, customers and other groups through the identification process “quickly, securely and without friction,” the company said.

It arrives on the heels of the HT1, a new 8-inch tablet joining Janam’s line of virtually indestructible workplace computers. Unveiled at last week’s National Retail Federation Annual Conference and Expo, the HT1 packs several new business applications – shipping, receiving, inventory, merchandising and client services get special attention – inside the Woodbury maker’s typical tough shell.

Harry Lerner: Fully committed.

Specifically, the tablet has earned an international IP67 rating, an “ingress protection” level guaranteeing reliable operation in the rain and snow or in very dusty areas. The device – the only Android 9-equipped tablet to meet Google’s strict Android Enterprise Recommended standards – is also certified to withstand vibrations, ballistic shocks and “repeated drops to concrete across a wide temperature range,” Janam noted.

It’s exactly what a tablet needs to survive in warehousing, manufacturing, construction, law enforcement and a host of other tough work environments – and with high-resolution front and rear cameras, advanced Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity and the intuitive package of new business apps, highlights Janam’s commitment to identifying and addressing customer needs, according to CEO Harry Lerner.

“Janam’s HT1 rugged tablet underscores our commitment to delivering breakthrough products that are better and more affordable than anything else out there,” Lerner added.

High hopes: The GT1, putting customers’ customers on a pedastal.

With its next-level contactless ticketing, the company expands its scope to consider not only the workplace needs of its customers, but the needs of their customers.

Billed as a “groundbreaking self-credentialing solution,” the system combines Janam’s Guardian GT1 “entry pedestal” and the XT2+ and new XT3 “rugged touch” computers, the only tablets to support both Enhanced Contactless Polling for Apple Wallet and Smart Tap for Google Pay.

The result is a user-experience masterstroke that “enables businesses of all types and sizes to increase patron throughput, eliminate fraud, minimize costs and connect more meaningfully to their customers,” according to Janam, which announced the new ticketing tech this week at the International Ticketing Association’s 2020 conference and exhibition.

The system also rides a rising technological tide that’s drowning yesterday’s barcodes, according to Lerner, instead of swimming against it a quantum leap for a company that made its name largely through handheld barcode scanners.

“Rather than fight the disruption to barcode scanning that is created by [near-field communication] and contactless technology, Janam is embracing it,” the CEO said Wednesday. “More people are using Apple Wallet and Google Pay than ever, and we are excited for the day that consumers will no longer need to carry unwieldy wallets stuffed with paper tickets, IDs, boarding passes and multiple membership cards.

“We’re thrilled that Janam is playing an integral role in this evolution.”