Verint buys Virginia ‘customer care’ firm

Elan Moriah, president of the Verint Enterprise Intelligence Solutions subsidiary.

Verint Systems Inc. has acquired a Virginia-based cloud- and mobile-solutions firm, moving the Melville software company a step closer to global actionable-intelligence supremacy.

The undisclosed deal for Contact Solutions, a provider of real-time “contextual customer-care solutions,” comes in response to increasing consumer and business use of social networks, mobile devices and new digital technologies, according to Verint Systems.

Those changing patterns are driving the need for “omnichannel customer engagement,” the company said, making the acquisition of a customer-interaction expert like Contact Solutions, a critical step, according to Elan Moriah, president of subsidiary Verint Enterprise Intelligence Solutions.

The move will bolster Verint Systems’ Actionable Intelligence, a trademarked platform in the firm’s Customer Engagement Optimization portfolio. Actionable Intelligence services are designed to give decision-makers the data they need to anticipate customer needs, respond to market development and take other critical actions as necessary.

The entire engagement-optimization portfolio is strengthened by the addition of Contact Solutions’ cloud-based solutions, according to Verint Systems, which noted the Virginia firm’s voice and mobile self-service automation chops and “analytics-driven personalization” protocols.

Right at the top is Contact Solutions’ proprietary personalization engine, which uses “robust analytics” to understand caller behaviors and create more user-friendly interactions. If a caller most frequently selects “account balance” from a set of menu options, for example, the personalization engine can detect this and dynamically rearrange the menu so “account balance” is always the first option presented to that caller.

Contact Solutions also bring to the table My:Time, a patented digital-engagement platform that permits cross-channel messaging – basically, customers can start a digital interaction on one device and continue it on another, including mobile devices through a special My:Time app.

Adding these solutions to Verint Systems’ engagement-optimization, security and fraud/risk-compliance protocols creates a win-win for both companies’ existing customers, according to Verint.

The Melville parent’s customers will be able to extend their investments in omnichannel customer engagement and improve overall customer loyalty, while Contact Solutions’ commercial and public-sector customer base will have access to Verint’s Actionable Intelligence platform, including Actionable Intelligence and other leading engagement-optimization solutions.

Verint Systems, which trades publicly on the Nasdaq, boasts more than 10,000 customers in 180-plus countries, including 80 percent of the Fortune 100. The Contact Solutions acquisition, according to Moriah, was a direct response to those customers’ evolving behaviors.

“We believe demand for these types of solution is being driven by organizations by the need for intelligence that enables them to create more engaged workforces and more seamless, personalized customer experiences,” Moriah said in a statement.