Arrow and IPS in partnership deal

Intelligent Product Solutions President Mitch Maiman.

Hauppauge innovator Intelligent Product Solutions has come up ACES.

The product-design specialist has been selected as an Arrow Consulting Engineering Services partner and will offer its design and consulting expertise to Arrow Electronics customers throughout the Northeast and beyond.

Formerly headquartered in Melville, Colorado-based Arrow Electronics – which maintains several Long Island facilities – is a global provider of electronic components and computing solutions. Arrow developed the ACES program over a decade ago to quickly connect customers with design resources for their specific engineering requirements.

Through ACES, Arrow Electronics customers plug into a network of vetted engineering and design-service companies. The companies, located throughout North America, offer everything from spec work to actual product design.

The network is strengthened by Intelligent Product Solutions, according to Arrow Electronics exec Erich Van Stralen, who manages the company’s engineering partnerships.

“Arrow Electronics customers will benefit from IPS’s extensive product experience and their reputation for excellence in bringing customer products to market,” Van Stralen told Innovate LI.

Intelligent Product Solutions CEO Mitch Maiman predicted plenty of crossover between IPS’s existing clients and Arrow Electronics’ vast customer base – “You almost can’t design an electronics system without sourcing parts through Arrow,” Maiman noted – but welcomed the partnership’s networking opportunities and bottom-line potential.

“Arrow has a large global footprint,” he said. “They have hundreds of field technicians and field engineers and salespeople who now carry IPS with them as they go around.

“They run into many more customers than we do that need design help,” he added.

Focused heavily on Internet of Things compatibility, Intelligent Product Solutions offers product-design capabilities including industrial design, user experience/interface design, program management and a full slate of engineering work, including electrical, mechanical, systems, optical and software engineering.

Also heavily invested in wearable technology design, the company boasts a client list filled with leading distributors of consumer electronics, medical devices, defense-industry components and other mainstream products, including Motorola, PepsiCo and national defibrillator kingpin Physio-Control.

One of the “reciprocal” benefits of the new ACES partnership, Maiman noted, is it exposes his customers to ancillary Arrow Electronics services like supply-chain management – an added value of particular interest to many smaller IPS clients.

“We work with a lot of startups that don’t have established, mature operations,” the CEO said. “Now we’re able to bring Arrow to some of those clients and have Arrow not only supply them with the components they need, but help them manage operations including product manufacturing, warehousing and distribution.”

Intelligent Product Solutions and Arrow Electronics have enjoyed a long relationship already, thanks to the ubiquitous nature of Arrow components. But it wasn’t until last fall that the international stalwart approached the Hauppauge maker about joining the ACES program, according to Maiman.

“They said, ‘Look, we have a lot of customers who could use your services,’” Maiman said.

That includes customers off Long Island. Intelligent Product Solutions is working hard to establish itself with Arrow Electronics facilities outside the Northeast, having already met with representatives of Arrow’s Seattle office and planning introductions with Arrow executives in San Jose, Calif., and Portland, Wash.

It’s too soon to quantify a bottom-line impact, but the partnership is already paying off: Maiman cited “engagements with a handful of new clients” through the ACES network, including two firms in Rochester.

“Arrow divides everything into regions, and we’re already well-established in the Northeast region,” he said. “Now we’re starting to engage them in the Northwest region, which includes Portland and Seattle and Silicon Valley and comes as far east as Denver.”

Including IPS, Arrow Electronics now counts 40 partners in its national ACES network, specializing in engineering, design and IoT services. Intelligent Product Solutions is the network’s first Long Island affiliate.

Arrow launched ACES in 2002, when it was still based in Melville. The Fortune 200 company, which moved its flag in 2011 to a Denver suburb, reported 2014 sales of $2.8 billion through a global network of more than 460 facilities in 56 countries.

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