Down is up at Applied DNA, with the good stuff

Inside job: Applied DNA Sciences has taken its first steps into the lucrative global down-feather market.

An aggressive Long Island biotech is getting down, literally, with another global textiles supplier.

Stony Brook-based supply-chain security specialist Applied DNA Sciences announced Thursday a new sales and marketing partnership with Navarpluma, a premier supplier of down and feathers to worldwide textiles manufacturers.

Financial terms of the deal were not disclosed, but this latest collaboration with an international partner will see Applied DNA’s SigNature DNA molecular-tracking system applied to Navarpluma’s products, which are shipped from the company’s home base in Navarre, Spain, to some of the planet’s busiest manufacturers and most prestigious brands.

Navarpluma Export Manager Benjamin Dix said the Applied DNA partnership would help the distributor of sustainable filling materials for bedding and apparel “establish a new gold standard for traceability that can be relied on by our clients and their customers.”

“Use of Applied DNA’s SigNature DNA system gives Navarpluma the ability to validate the provenance of raw materials used,” Dix added. “This ability conveys a significant competitive advantage to our products in the marketplace.”

The music and lyrics are increasingly familiar for the Stony Book biotech, which over the past 24 months has rapidly proliferated its DNA-based security protocols through an impressive cross-section of global industries. The Navarpluma collaboration is Applied DNA’s first foray into the down-feather market, but not its first push into textiles, with prior supply-security deals benefitting leather-goods makers in the United Kingdom and chemical/synthetic materials manufacturers throughout Asia.

The company has also caught on with legalized marijuana concerns in Canada, pharmaceuticals manufacturers in Pennsylvania, pharma-nutra conglomerates in India, fertilizer distributors in Turkey, penmakers in Germany and other diverse businesses in disparate locations – making the Navarpluma deal, from some perspectives, just another day at the office.

But with the global down-feather market currently valued around $6 billion – and projected to pass $10 billion by the end of 2025 – it’s a pretty good day, according to Tony Benson, Applied DNA’s managing director for Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

“Navarpluma’s reputation in the market is that of an innovative and forward-thinking supplier known for employing new advances in technology to improve their products for their clients,” Benson said Thursday. “Traceability has been a key goal for them over the past several years, and their use of the SigNature DNA system … enables an industry first: the full traceability of down and feathers.

“Being first-to-market with end-to-end traceability of its supply chain should attract new clients to Navarpluma, while also creating stickier relationships with its customer base,” Benson added.