Globetrotting Applied DNA has it made in Taiwan

Spanning the globe: Stony Brook-based Applied DNA Sciences continues its world tour with a new Memorandum of Understanding in Taiwan.

Look out, Asia – here comes Applied DNA Sciences.

Picking up where it left off at the end of a hyper-busy 2018 – in which it expanded its DNA-based supply-chain-authentication portfolio to include pharmaceuticals manufacturing in Pennsylvania, legalized marijuana distribution in Canada and a host of other supply chains in domestic and international markets – the Stony Brook-based biotech is sending its product-traceability solutions deep into to “the heart of Asia’s textiles industry.”

Already a big hit in India, Applied DNA will now attempt a bold Asian expansion, including penetration of Chinese, Taiwanese and Vietnamese markets through a new Memorandum of Understanding with Sun Chemical Supply Co., a 60-year veteran supplier of chemicals, synthetic materials and equipment throughout Asia.

The non-binding MoU will see Taiwan-based Sun Chemical Supply – known primarily for chemical analysis and end-to-end manufacturing innovations – distributing Applied DNA’s CertainT platform to Asian textiles manufacturers, kickstarting the burgeoning biotech’s Asian pipeline with its “deep industry knowledge, infrastructure and client base.”

A “definitive agreement” is expected to follow, according to Applied DNA.

Noting the “first steps toward a formal relationship with Sun Chemical Supply,” Applied DNA President James Hayward trumpeted a wide-open doorway to Asian textile manufacturers.

MeiLin Wan: Into Asia, efficiently, effectively.

“Sun Chemical Supply is a leader in its field and we believe our collaboration will drive additional adoption of our physical traceability solutions in the global textiles markets,” Hayward added.

While the understanding, for now, is non-exclusive, the strategic alliance is sweetened by value-added services Sun Chemical Supply brings to the table – including built-in marketing, distribution, customization, field-testing and training protocols.

Those ready advantages should prove a big benefit to Applied DNA. Among other benefits, they give the Stony Brook company a regional presence among manufacturers working with CertainT-authenticated textiles from international distributors already on the Applied DNA train.

Solidifying that CertainT base and adding the molecular-identifier “tag, track and test” system to its proprietary finishing treatments, chemicals and equipment – all ideally compatible with Applied DNA’s SigNature T molecular tags – marks an important step for Sun Chemical Supply, according to Chairman and CEO David Lai.

“Asian countries play a key role in global textile supply chains,” Lai said in a statement. “We are excited to deploy Applied DNA’s CertainT platform to protect our industries and consumers with reliable authentication and traceability solutions.”

The Sun Chemical Supply collaboration is not the only recent news from Applied DNA’s Taiwan desk. The biotech also announced this week that it’s signed a non-binding MoU with Taiwanese manufacturer Tex-Ray Industrial Co. to create a regional Centre of Excellence, designed specifically to “integrate Applied DNA’s CertainT product-authentication platform” into various Asian textile-manufacturing processes.

Applied DNA Vice President of Textile Sales MeiLin Wan said the molecular-authentication specialist’s new Asian partners will grow business by “providing the most efficient and effective means to manufacture, market, promote and sell CertainT for textiles.”

“Synergy and positive energy is key to these partnerships,” Wan added.