IPS enables startup’s next-gen fire-prevention tech

Hot commodity: A St. James startup and an award-winning Hauppauge product-design firm have teamed up on an innovative, IoT-enabled fire-prevention system.

If you can’t stand the heat, alert the homeowner through an IoT-enabled remote app.

That’s the basic thinking at St. James-based startup Eyetemp LLC – or, more precisely, inside EyeTemp, an Internet of Things-connected smart sensor designed to sniff out kitchen fires and sound the alarm.

Officially introduced last summer, EyeTemp was brought to life by Hauppauge-based Intelligent Product Solutions, the award-winning product-design firm now operating as a subsidiary of Florida-based Forward Industries.

Designed by mad IPS scientists and manufactured through Forward Industries, EyeTemp monitors the temperature and time settings on residential and commercial appliances and alerts mobile devices when something’s amiss, protecting homes and businesses from potential fires.

Unattended cooking equipment is “the No. 1 reason for housefires,” according to EyeTemp founder and CEO Danielle Michel, but with the new IoT-enabled sensors, everything from overtime ovens to unextinguished candles triggers remote alerts to “take prompt steps to address the potential problem.”

Despite that solid pitch, Eyetemp LLC fouled off a recent Indiegogo campaign, netting only a quarter of its $10,000 crowdfunding goal. But IPS engineers helped evolve EyeTemp’s functionality, resulting in “much-needed and easy-to-use product,” Michel noted.

Danielle Michel: Bringing heat.

“Working with IPS enabled us to take the device from a beta version through refined industrial design and product-quality software,” the entrepreneur said. “IPS even designed our logo and packaging.

“They have been an incredibly valuable partner in the diversity of the capabilities they applied to help us get ready for high-quality volume manufacture and product launch.”

That, of course, is a home run for IPS, which helped assemble a complex system of tiny sensors (attached via adhesive to ovens, irons, space heaters, etc., even candles), WiFi-enabled timers and heat sensors and state-of-the-art mobile connectivity.

Intelligent Product Solutions co-founder and CEO Mitch Maiman called Eyetemp LLC a “true partner” in the effort to “bring this innovative product to market,” while Forward Industries CEO Terry Wise said the West Palm Beach-based parent – itself part of a multinational conglomerate boasting a wide portfolio of OEM manufacturers – was “pleased” with the EyeTemp collaboration.

“This is yet another example of how, as part of Forward industries, IPS is now able to offer an expanded set of services that includes delivery of groundbreaking, high-tech finished goods to clients,” Wise said in a statement.