Moiety app makes long-anticipated Android debut

Common ground: The new Moiety app for Android-powered devices promises "seamless" compatibility with Moiety's iOS version, according to inventor Gregory Wagner.

It’s a little late showing up, but that probably won’t happen anymore.

In a quantum scheduling leap for the Samsung set, the Moiety app debuted Tuesday on Google Play, the online store for products designed for Android operating systems.

The iOS version of Woodbury-based Aeonic Ventures LLC’s flagship scheduling app – designed to work with any social group but especially divorced or separated co-parents and their “crews” – debuted in October 2016 in the Apple Store and has performed well, according to Aeonic CEO Gregory Wagner, who said the Android rollout followed “more than 500 hours of testing” conducted over several months.

“We wanted to make sure the compatibility between Android users and iPhone users was seamless,” Wagner said Wednesday. “That took a little while, but we’re very happy with the results.”

Those results include “complete compatibility” when Android users want to coordinate schedules with iOS users (iOS 9 and up), Wagner added. And there are plenty of those iPhone and iPad users already, thanks in part to strong social media campaigns – including plenty of international outreach – Moiety cranked up prior to its iOS debut.

While the basic functionality is the same – the app aims to reduce scrambled calls and last-minute texts by centralizing group activities, pick-ups and related scheduling details – the Android version actually boasts a technical uptick or two over its older sibling.

Among other things, heeding the feedback of many iOS users, the Android version includes an automated alert delivered through standard Short Message Service text-messaging systems.

When users are invited to join a “crew” or invited to a Moiety-scheduled event, they receive an SMS message on their text screens, with a link that either launches Moiety – if they’ve already downloaded the app – or takes them to the Google Play store to get it.

The idea, according to Wagner, is that the ability to join a group or acknowledge a pick-up via text messaging is less clunky than email-based notifications, a staple of earlier versions – and smoothing out the scheduling process is the whole idea.

“We were getting a lot of feedback from users who felt text messaging would be much more productive,” the CEO noted. “People don’t miss as many events.”

The SMS alert functionality is ready for the iOS version, too, but is awaiting Apple’s approval, Wagner added.

Gregory Wagner: Payment plan.

Meanwhile, the CEO is already knee-deep in Aeonic Ventures’ next big thing: MoietyPay, a standalone app that will help separated and divorced co-parents track child-support payments and other childcare expenses – and even make payments through its own proprietary online system.

That payment part is tricky: While Wagner envisions MoietyPay working as an “authorized delegate” for established online-payment processors like PayPal and Western Union, his programmers are also cooking up “our own payment gateway” – and creating an indigenous Moiety payment system requires not only technical chops but Money Transmittal Licenses, issued state-by-state under guidelines established by the U.S. Department of the Treasury.

To that end, Wagner is initiating a $1 million fundraising round, with a “roadshow” – including scheduled meetings with Long Island- and New York City-based venture capitalists and angel investors – set to kick off in April.

The cool million will cover the coding of the proprietary payment system and the licensing process, according to Wagner, who says MoietyPay will be “so big, we feel it needs to have its own app.”

Wagner, who is also in the process of trademarking “MoietyPay,” says a best-case scenario has the finances-focused app on virtual shelves within six months. But whenever it arrives, it will break new ground in the increasingly crowded world of separated co-parenting, the innovator noted.

“It will determine the tax status of the payments and keep everything in one place for a complete record of the co-parenting payment process,”  Wagner said. “Simplifying scheduling and finances for co-parents is what we’ve been working towards all along.”